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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]


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    The subjoined figures illustrate the development of the Parish, in population and wealth, since the beginning of the century:—
    The Year.Population.Rateable value of Property.The Year.
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    The subjoined Table shews the deaths from the principal zymotic diseases in 1890, together with the decennial average, etc. :—
    Disease.Sub-districts.In Hospitals.Decennial average.
    Town.Brompton.TownBrompton.Total.Uncorrected.Corrected for increase of Population
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    The subjoined Table shews the distribution of deaths in Kensington from the principal diseases of the zymotic class, registered in thirteen four-weekly periods, corresponding with my monthly reports :—
    Report for Four Weeks endedMeasles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping-Couglh.Enteric Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.
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    Statistics of Scarlet Fever in Kensington in 1890, and in Ten Previous Years.
    The Year.No. of Recorded Cases.Total Number of Recorded Cases.Percentage of Remov'ls to total Recorded Cases.Deaths.Total Deaths.Percentage of Deaths.Percentage of Deaths to Recorded Cases.Deaths in London from Scarlet Fever.
    Treated at Home'Removed to Hospital.At Home.In HospitalsAt Home.In Hospitals
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    Scarlet Fever Cases Recorded in Kensington in 1890, and in Ten Previous Years, in Thirteen Four- Weekly Periods.
    The Year.Weeks. 1-4Weeks. 5-8Weeks. 9-12Weeks. 13-16Weeks. 17-20Weeks. 21-24Weeks. 25-28.Weeks. 29-32Weeks. 33-36Weeks. 37-40Weeks. 41 -44.Weeks. 45-48Weeks. 49-52TOTAL.
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    The hospital accommodation at the disposal of the Managers, with present distribution of beds to the various diseases, is as follows:—
    Scarlet.Diphtheria.Typhus.EntericOther DiseasesTotal.
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    The patients admitted from the several Districts in 1887 numbered 6536: in 1890 they were 8337, distributed as follows;—
    Scarlet.Diphtheria.Typhus.EntericOther Diseases.Total.
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    Return of Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the 53 weeks ended the 3rd january, 1891 under the provisions of the "INfectious Disease (Notification) Act, 1889."
    Local Authorities in whose Districts the cases were resident.Small-pox.Scarlet Fever.Typhus Fever.Relapsing Fever.Diphtheria.Membranous Croup.Continued Fever.Typhoid or Enteric Fever.Cholera.Erysipelas.Puerperal Fever.Totals.
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    In June the numbers began to increase, and they continued to increase until the maximum was attained in November, when, on the 13th, there were 2435 cases distributed amongst the various hospitals as follows:—
    HOSPITAL.Beds occupied.
    Scarlet.Diphtheria.Typhus.Enteric.Other Diseases.Total.
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    T able shewing Q uarterly and T otal A dmissions of S mall- P ox and F ever P atients at the A sylums B oard H ospitals in 1890, and P opulation of the several P arishes, U nions, and D istricts in 1881.
    Parishes, Unions, &c.Small Pox.Total.Scarlet Fever.Total.Enteric Fever.Total.Diphtheria.Total.Grand Total Small-Pox, Fever, and Diphtheria.Population in 1881.
    1st. Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.1st Qtr.2nd Qtr.3rd Qtr.4th Qtr.
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    ( a ) ENTIRE PARISH.
    All Ages.Under Five Years.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65.65 to 75.75 to 85.85 to 95.95 and upwards.All Ages.
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    All Ages.Under Five Years.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65.65 to 75.75 to 85.85 to 95.95 and upwards.All Ages.
  • Page 102
    All Ages.Under five Years.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65.65 to 75.75 to 85.85 to 95.95 and upwards.All Ages.
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    instance. The following Table, brought up to date, exhibits the growth of the Parish since the Metropolis Local Management Act came into operation in 1856:—
    1856.1890.Gross Increase in 34 years.
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    The increase in all respects within the last nineteen years, the period over which my official experience extends, is not inconsiderable, as the subjoined figures shew:—
    1871.1890.Increase in 19 years.
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    The subjoined Table shews the quarterly number of births of males and females in each of the sub-districts:—
    Kensington Town sub-district.Brompton sub-district.Grand Total Whole
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    The death-rate per 1000 persons living, at different periods of life, was as follows:—
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    The subjoined Table shews the quarterly number of deaths of parishioners, males and females, in each of the sub-districts:—
    Kensington Town sub-district.Brompton. sub-district.Grand Total Whole
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    The subjoined Table shews the rate of mortality and the mean temperature of the air in each of thirteen periods of four weeks corresponding with my monthly reports:—
    Date of Report.Death-rate per 1000 persons living.Above or below Decennial Average.Mean Temperature of the Air.
    1890.Decennial Average.Above or below Decennial Average.
    1890.10 years 1880-89.
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    Summary of Causes of Death.
    diseases.Under 1 year.Between 1 year and 60.60 and upwardsTotal.
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    Twenty-two summonses were issued for breaches of the Lodging-house Regulations, with the result that fines to the amount of £23 18s. 3d. were inflicted, as follows:—
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    Three of the 12 summonses for disobedience of the Justices' Orders were withdrawn; fines being inflicted, to the amount of £30 0s. 6d. and costs, in the remaining 9 cases, as follows:—
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    The bodies removed to the mortuary in the twelve months, ended March 25th, 1891, were admitted, upon application, as follows: —
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    1. With respect to Illuminating Power. The maximum, minimum, and average illuminating power, in standard sperm candles, the statutory standard being 16 candles, was as follows:—
  • Page 250
    Grains of sulphur per 100 cubic feet of gas; the Parliamentary limit being 17 grains in 100 cubic feet during the months from April to October, and 22 grains from October to April: —
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    TABLE I. Shewing Population, Inhabited Houses, Marriages, Births, and Deaths, in 1890, and in ten preceding years.
    The Year.Estimated Population.*No. of Inhabited Houses.†Marriages.Registered Births.Deaths.
    Total all Ages.‡Under One Year.Under Five Years.In Public Institutions.§
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    TABLE II. Shewing the Annual Birth-rate and Death-rate; Death-rates of Children, and Proportion of Deaths in Public Institutions, in 1000 Deaths, for the year 1890, and ten preceding years.
    The Year.Birth-rate per 1000 of the Population.Death-rate per 1000 of the Population.Deaths of Children under 1 year; per 1000 of'Registered Births.Deaths of Children under 1 year; per 1000 of Total Deaths.Deaths of Children under 5 years; per 1000 of Total Deaths.Deaths in Public Institutions; per 1000 of Total Deaths.
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    TABLE III. Deaths registered from all causes in the year 1890. (Exclusive of the Deaths of Non-Parishioners at Public Institutions within the Parish, but inclusive of the Deaths of Parishioners at Public Institutions without the Parish.) For a Summary of this Table see Table IIIa.
    CAUSES OF DEATH.AGES.Total under Five Years of Age.Grand Total All Ages.sub-districts
    0 to 1.1 to 5.5 to 15.15 to 25.25 to 35.35 to 45.45 to 55.55 to 65*65 to 75.75 to 85.85 and upwards.Kensington Town.Brompton.
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    TABLE IIIa . Summary of Table III., shewing the number of deaths of parishioners in each Class and Order.
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    TABLE IV. Shewing the number of Deaths at all ages in 1890, from certain groups of Diseases, and proportions to 1000 of Population, and to 1000 Deaths from all causes: also the number of Deaths of Infants under one year of age from other groups of Diseases, and proportions to 1000 Births and to 1000 Deaths from all causes under one year.
    Division I. (Adults).Total Deaths.Deaths per 1000 of Population at all ages.Deaths per 1000 of Total Deaths, at all ages.
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    TABLE V. Shewing the Number of Deaths from the Principal Diseases of the Zymotic class in the ten years 1880-89, and in the year 1890.
    Diseases.1880.1881.1882.1883.1884.1885.1886.1887.1888.1889.Annual Average of ten years 1880-89.Proportion of Deaths to 1000 Deaths in ten years 1880-89.Deaths in 1890.Proportion of Deaths to 1000 Deaths in 1890.
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    TABLE VI. Sanitary Inspectors' Report of the Sanitary Work completed in the year 1890-91.
    Sanitary Districts.*No. of Complaints made by Inhabitants.No. of Houses, Premises, &c., inspected.No. of Re-inspections of Houses, Premises, &c.Results of Inspection.House Drains..Water Closets.Dust Bins.Water Supply.Miscellaneous.
    Notices issued for Sanitary Amendments of Houses and Premises.Houses, Premises, &c., Cleansed, Repaired, Whitewashed, &c.Houses Disinfected after illness of an Infectious character.Repaired, Cleansed, &c.Ventilated, Trapped, &.c.Repaired, &c..Supplied with Water.New Provided.New Provided.Repaired, Covered, &c.Cisterns erected.Cisterns Cleansed, Repaired, and Covered.Waste-pipes connected with Drains, &c., abolished.No. of Lodging Houses Registered under 35th Section of the "Sanitary Act, 1866." †Dust Removal—No. of Communications received and attended to. ‡Removal of Accumulations of Dung, Stagnant Water, Animal and other Refuse.Animals removed, being improperly kept.Regularly Inspected.Legal Proceedings: i.e., Summonses. §
    Bakehouses.Licensed Cowsheds.Licensed Slaughter Houses.
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    TABLE VIa. Summary of Monthly Returns of Work done by the Sanitary Inspectors in the year 1890-91.
    Date of Report.Houses Inspected.Mews Inspected.*Slaughter Houses Inspected.Cowsheds Inspected.Bakehouses Inspected.Offensive Trades Inspected.Sanitary Notices Issued.Removal of Dust, Ashes, &c., Letters of Eequest received and attended to.Date of Report.
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    TABLE VII. Shewing the Death-rate per 1000 persons living; the Annual Rate per 1000 from the principal Diseases of the Zymotic Class; and the proportion of Deaths from these Diseases to total Deaths, in Kensington and in all London, in 1890, and in ten preceding years.
    The Year.Deaths per 1000 living.Total Deaths from seven principal Zymotic Diseases, Kensington.Annual rate of Mortality per 1000 living, from seven principal Zymotic Diseases.Proportion of Deaths to 1000 Deaths, from seven principal Zymotic Diseases.The Year.
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    TABLE VIII. Comparative Analysis of the Mortality in all London, and in Kensington, in 1890.
    Annual Death-rate per 1000 living, from all causes.Annual Death-rate per 1000 living, from seven principal Zymotic diseases.Percentage of Deaths under 1 year to Births Registered.PERCENTAGE OP DEATHS TO TOTAL DEATHS.
    Under 1 year of age.At 60 years of age and upwards.From seven principal Zymotic diseases.From Violence.Registered upon information of Coroners. (Inquests.)Registered at Public Institutions.*Uncertified.
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    TABLE IX. Shewing the Localities in which fatal cases of the Principal Diseases of the Zymotic class occurred in 1890. KENSINGTON TOWN REGISTRATION SUB-DISTRICT.
    Locality.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping-cough.Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.Locality.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping-cough.Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.
    Enteric.Simple Continued.Enteric.Simple Continued.
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    TABLE X. Return respecting the Vaccination of Children whose Births were Registered in 1889.*
    DATE.Registration Sub-Districts comprised in Vaccination Officer's District.Number of Births returned in Birth List Sheets.Number of these Births duly entered in Columns 10,11 and 13 of the Vaccination Register (Birth List Sheets), viz.:Number of these Births which are not entered in the Vaccination Register, on account (as shewn by Report Book) of
    Column 10 Successfully vaccinated.Column 11.Column 13 Dead. Un-vaccinated.Postponement by Medical Certificate.Removal to District the Vaccination Officer of which has been duly apprised.Removal to places unknown, or which cannot be reached, and cases not having been foundCases still under proceedings by summons and otherwise.
    Insusceptible of Successful vaccination.Had Small-pox.
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