London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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In the 27 Cities and Boroughs grouped by the RegistrarGeneral
with the Metropolis, the zymotic death-rate was 2.73 per
1000, ranging from 1.19 in Huddersfield, 1.37 in Halifax, and
1.58 in Nottingham, to 8.73 in Bolton, 3.84 in Salford, 4.01 in
Manchester, and 4.28 in Preston.

The subjoined Table shews the distribution of deaths in Kensington from the principal diseases of the zymotic class, registered in thirteen four-weekly periods, corresponding with my monthly reports :—

Report for Four Weeks endedMeasles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Whooping-Couglh.Enteric Fever.Diarrhoea.Total.
January 25...1410......15
February 22...1411218
March 22137111124
April 1931191125
May 17193...101336
June 14483311267
July 123815811467
August 92012112146
September 6811...21729
October 422...12714
N oveinber 1...5131515
November 2912213110
January 3 (1891)...3572421
(5 weeks).
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I now proceed to make a few observation with regard to
each of these diseases.
Only one case of small-pox, and that an imported one, was
recorded in Kensington. In London generally, the disease was
at low ebb, only 26 cases having been received at the Asylums
Board Hospitals, and only four deaths having been registered, the
decennial average number corrected for increase of population
being 678. The deaths from small-pox during the

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