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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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The subjoined Table shews the quarterly number of deaths of parishioners, males and females, in each of the sub-districts:—

Kensington Town sub-district.Brompton. sub-district.Grand Total Whole
1st Quarter3483557037991170873
2nd ,,3052855905975134724
3rd ,,2422585004560105605
4th ,,2753145896892160749
11701212 '23822513185692951
The Births were, Males1919The Deaths were, Males1421
Total Births3864 2951DeathsTotal Deaths2951
913Excess of Births over Deaths.
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The subjoined Table shews the rate of mortality and the mean temperature of the air in each of thirteen periods of four weeks corresponding with my monthly reports:—

Date of Report.Death-rate per 1000 persons living.Above or below Decennial Average.Mean Temperature of the Air.
1890.Decennial Average.Above or below Decennial Average.
1890.10 years 1880-89.
Jan.2522.419.1+ 3.342.136.9+ 5.2
Feb. 2220.318.0+2.338.840.0—1.2
March 2216.617.7——0.4
April 1915.317.0—1.745.545.1+0.4
May 1715.315.2+0.151.450.1+1.3
June 1417.315.1+2.256.357.1—0.8
July 1215.714.0+ 1.757.861.7—3.9
August 914.316.7—1.462.161.6+0.5
Sept. 613.813.4+ 0.458.259.7—1.5
Oct. 411.812.6—0.858.854.3+ 4.5
Nov. 113.014.9—1.948.447.1+1.3
Nov. 2914.316.4—2.143.543.4+0.1
Jan. 3rd, 189119.216.7+2.529.939.7—9.8
(Five weeks)
Averages, whole year16.115.848.749.0
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