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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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panies on works, improvements, &c., to the end of 1889, amounted
to £14,630,246, of which £217,066 was expended during 1889.
"On the 31st December," 1890, General Scott states, "the
works belonging to the eight companies included 54 subsiding and
storage reservoirs for unfiltered water, with an aggregate surface
area of 481¼ acres, and a capacity of 1,300,100,000 gallons; 59
reservoirs for the storage of filtered water, with a capacity of
215,792,000 gallons, of which 57 were covered; 4,758 miles of
water pipes; 17,252 hydrants; and 104 filters, with a surface area
of 102½ acres. There were also 184 steam pumping engines of
an aggregate of 21,659-horse power; "a truly gigantic" Plant,"
and various additions to the works were in progress.
The subjoined Tables, based on the quarterly reports of the
Chief Gas Examiner, summarize the principal results (averages) of
the daily testings, at the Ladbroke Grove Station, of the "common
gas" manufactured by the Gas Light and Coke Company at their
Kensal Green Works.

1. With respect to Illuminating Power. The maximum, minimum, and average illuminating power, in standard sperm candles, the statutory standard being 16 candles, was as follows:—

Quarter ended March 31st17.316.216.6
Quarter ended June 30th17.216.316.7
Quarter ended September 30t17.415.716.7
Quarter ended December 31s17.116.416.6
Averages, whole year17.216.116.6
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It appears from these results that the average illuminating
power of the gas at the Station, was higher than the Parliamentary
standard, and that, excepting on one occasion, the minimum was
above the requirements.

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