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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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Shewing Population, Inhabited Houses, Marriages, Births, and Deaths, in 1890, and in ten preceding years.

The Year.Estimated Population.*No. of Inhabited Houses.†Marriages.Registered Births.Deaths.
Total all Ages.‡Under One Year.Under Five Years.In Public Institutions.§
1890179,50021,800** 1,511**3,864**2,9516511,095612
1884169,52021,290** 1,498** 4,394** 2,6386781,020439
Average 10 yrs. 1880-89.170,20421,2381,5864,1552,7186331,051506
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Population in 1861, 70,108; 1871, 120,234; 1881, 163,151.
Average Number of Persons to each house at Census : in 1861, 7.4; in 1871, 7.6; in 1881, 8.1.
Area of Parish, 2,190 acres. Number of Persons to an acre (1890), 82.
*For statistical purposes the population is estimated to the middle of the year, on the basis
of the rate of increase ruling between the two preceding inter-censal periods, checked by the
known number of inhabited houses, and by the average number of persons per house, as
ascertained at the last Census.
**In 53 weeks.
†Mean of numbers on rate books in April and October yearly. But the data are
somewhat unreliable.
‡Inclusive of the deaths of parishioners at public institutions outside the Parish, but exclusive
of the deaths of non-parishioners at public institutions within the Parish.
§Viz.: At the Parish Infirmary, the Brompton Hospital, and outlying public institutions,
including the Asylums Board Hospitals.

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