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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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The hospital accommodation at the disposal of the Managers, with present distribution of beds to the various diseases, is as follows:—

Scarlet.Diphtheria.Typhus.EntericOther DiseasesTotal.
Western Hospital21020...248262
North-western Hospital35744...3210443
Eastern Hospital30049...8211442
South-western Hospital330.........10340
South-eastern Hospital31250167212462
Northern Hospital for Convalescents41632...32...480
Grand Totals192519516242512429
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The population of the District usually allotted to the Western
Hospital (West District), at the census of 1881, was 641,379, and
the ratio of beds to the population was 1 to 2448. The ratio in
the other Districts was as follows:—
North-west District Population, 826,703 = 1 bed to 1866
East District 1,082,474 = 1 ,, 2449
South-west District 464,133 = 1 ,, 1365
South-east District 801,015 = 1 ,, 1733
In the Metropolitan District as a whole, the population of
which in 1881 was 3,815,704, the ratio of beds for acute cases is
1 to 1958 persons, the ratio for all cases (acute and convalescent)
being 1 to 1571. Should the Registrar-General's estimate of
population in 1891 prove correct, these ratios would be 1 bed to
2305 and 1849 persons for acute cases and total cases
respectively. The estimated increase in population (677,000)
would therefore amply justify the erection of the proposed
additional hospital.
The total expenditure on the " original" account, upon the
six Fever hospitals to Lady-day, 1891, was in round numbers
The patients admitted from the several Districts in 1887
numbered 6536: in 1890 they were 8337, distributed as follows;—

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