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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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respect than the poor in some other parts of the Metropolis, in
th at, for the most part, they live in houses fairly well-built and
obviously intended for occupation by the lower middle classes;
miles of streets of such houses are now inhabited by persons of a
class who in some of the older parts of the Metropolis live in
dwellings that by comparison might be termed squalid.
Kensington is for some local purposes divided into Wards:
the subjoined table shews the acreage of the wards, their population,
and the number of inhabited houses, etc., in 1871 and
Area in Inhabited houses Increase Population. Increase
flameoi wara. Statute Acres. 1871. 1881. in 10 vears. 1871. 1881. inlOyears
St. Mary Abbotts 846 4,781 6,573 1,792 35,696 48,831 13,135
Holy Trinity,
Brompton439 3,224 3,936 712 22,128 26,746 4,618
St. John, Notting
Hill,& St. James,
Norland ... 905 7,730 9,594 1,864 62,475 87,574 25,099
Total ... 2,190 15,735 20,103 4,368 120,299 163,151 42,852
The rateable annual value of property in the several wards,
in 1871, was as follows:—St. Mary Abbotts, £323,992 ; Holy
Trinity, £246,716; St. John, and St. James,Norland, £365,012.
Total, whole Parish, £935,720. In 1881 the returns for the
first and second wards, which could not be given separately, shew
a rateable value of £1,078,512 (increase, £507,804); the rateable
value of St. John and St. James being £501,704 (increase,
£136,692). Total, whole Parish, £1,580,216 (increase,

The subjoined figures illustrate the development of the Parish, in population and wealth, since the beginning of the century:—

The Year.Population.Rateable value of Property.The Year.
1890 (July)179,5002,012,843 (April)1891
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