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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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The mortuary was opened in July, 1883. In the first year,
July, 1883, to March, 1884, 24 bodies were deposited; in the
second year 67; in the third year 100; in the fourth year 97; in
the fifth year 100; in the sixth year 128, in the seventh year 135;
and in the eighth year 207.

The bodies removed to the mortuary in the twelve months, ended March 25th, 1891, were admitted, upon application, as follows: —

1. At the request of relatives of the deceased6
2. At the request of undertakers67
3. At the request of the Coroner (inquest cases)—
Cases of sudden death89
Cases of violent death17
4. Brought in by the PoliceFound dead22
Accident cases5
5. On account of death due to infectious disease1
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In 104 of the above cases post-mortem examinations were
made by authority, principally under the Coroner's warrant.
The mortuary comprises two chambers, for infectious and .
non-infectious bodies respectively, separated by "a place provided
for post-mortem examinations," which is highly convenient, and
much appreciated by medical practitioners. This "place" is
designed "for the reception of dead bodies for and during the
time required to conduct any post-mortem examination ordered
by the Coroner;" who "may order the removal of the body for
carrying out such post-mortem examination, and the re-removal

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