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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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In June the numbers began to increase, and they continued to increase until the maximum was attained in November, when, on the 13th, there were 2435 cases distributed amongst the various hospitals as follows:—

HOSPITAL.Beds occupied.
Scarlet.Diphtheria.Typhus.Enteric.Other Diseases.Total.
Eastern Hospital27847...756406
North-western Hospital33340...202395
Western „17.819...183218
South-western „273............273
South-eastern „276291572365
Northern „46325...23...511
Gore Farm267............267
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The total number of patients under treatment during the
year was 10,123. The total admissions were 8334, as compared
with 5772 in 1889, 5152 in 1888, and 6537 in 1887—
the increase being due, not to excessive prevalence of disease,
but to the greater favour in which the hospitals are held, and
the greater success of efforts by Sanitary Authorities to secure
isolation. The total discharges were 7184 ; the deaths 1005 :
the mortality was 12T6 per cent., including cases dying within
forty-eight hours after admission, and those dying from
concurrent maladies. The monthly admissions of all cases
were lowest in February and highest in October. A diagram
is given, shewing by curves the monthly admissions of each
kind of fever between the years 1872 and 1890.
In these 19 years scarlet fever admissions reached the
maximum once in January (1888) ; once in July; three times
in September; nine times in October ; three times in November;

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