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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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Return respecting the Vaccination of Children whose Births were Registered in 1889.*

DATE.Registration Sub-Districts comprised in Vaccination Officer's District.Number of Births returned in Birth List Sheets.Number of these Births duly entered in Columns 10,11 and 13 of the Vaccination Register (Birth List Sheets), viz.:Number of these Births which are not entered in the Vaccination Register, on account (as shewn by Report Book) of
Column 10 Successfully vaccinated.Column 11.Column 13 Dead. Un-vaccinated.Postponement by Medical Certificate.Removal to District the Vaccination Officer of which has been duly apprised.Removal to places unknown, or which cannot be reached, and cases not having been foundCases still under proceedings by summons and otherwise.
Insusceptible of Successful vaccination.Had Small-pox.
1st January to 31st Dec.Kensington Town3050254113...2662432012
* The return for 1890 is not yet complete.
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