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Kensington 1890

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Kensington]

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instance. The following Table, brought up to date, exhibits the growth of the Parish since the Metropolis Local Management Act came into operation in 1856:—

1856.1890.Gross Increase in 34 years.
Estimated number of Inhabited Houses (as per rate books)7,60021,80014,200
Rateable Value of Property£308,000£2,012,843£1,704,843
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The increase in all respects within the last nineteen years, the period over which my official experience extends, is not inconsiderable, as the subjoined figures shew:—

1871.1890.Increase in 19 years.
Estimated number of Inhabited Houses (as per rate books15,39521,8006,405
Rateable Value£935,720£2,012,843£1,077,123
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The above figures may well be said to speak for themselves :
nevertheless, attention may be called to the fact that in 34 years
the rateable value of property increased nearly seven-fold, and
that in the last 19 years the mere increase was treble the total in
1856. The population more than trebled, and the number of
inhabited houses increased nearly three-fold, in 34 years. The
rateable value of the Parish is exceeded by that of the Cities
of London, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol only. The
population of Kensington is to that of London about 1 to 24-4,
and the rateable value 1 to 164.

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