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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]


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  • Page 11
    Extracts from Vital Statistics for the Year
    Live Births:TotalMaleFemale
  • Page 12
    The following is a table giving causes of death and the age periods in which they occurred.
    Causes of Death 1957under 1 yr.1 and under 5 yrs.5 and under 15 yrs.15 and under 25 yrs.25 and under 45 yrs.45 and under 65 yrs.65 and under 75 yrs.75 and overTotal
  • Page 13
    INFANT MORTALITY Details of deaths of children under one year of age registered during 1957
    Under lwk.1—2 wks.2—3 wks.3—4 wks.Total under 4 wks.4 wks. and under 3 mo.3 mo. and under 6 mo.6 mo. and under 9 mo.9 mo. and under 12 mo.Total deaths under 1 year
  • Page 15
    During the year the mains laid in the Borough were as follows:—
    Lenghts of Mains YardsDiameter
  • Page 18
    35 informal samples were taken during the year; all were satisfactory. The details are as follows:—
    MaterialNo. of Samples submitted for analysis
  • Page 19
    FACTORIES ACTS, 1937 AND 1948 Inspections
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesOccupiers Prosecuted
  • Page 19
    Defects Found
    Number of defects
    FoundRemediedTo H.M. InspectorReferred By H.M. InspectorNumber of Prosecutions instituted
  • Page 22
    Food Poisoning 51 cases of food poisoning were notified during the year. The following is a copy of the annual return submitted to the Ministry of Health:—
    1st Quarter 162nd Quarter 53rd Quarter 134th Quarter 17Total 51
  • Page 23
    Food and Drugs—Sampling
    ArticleNumber ExaminedNumber Adulterated, etc.
  • Page 24
    Food and Drugs—Sampling cont'd.
    ArticleNumber ExaminedNumber Adulterated, etc.
  • Page 25
    Adulterated Samples, etc.
    Serial No.ArticleFormal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservations
  • Page 26
    Under 1 year1—23—45—910—1415—2425 and overTotal
  • Page 27
    New CasesDeaths
    Primary NotificationsBrought to notice other than by Form A
  • Page 27
    PulmonaryN on-Pulmonary
  • Page 28
    Diary of Talks
  • Page 29
    Diary of Talks Cont'd.
  • Page 32
    Infant Welfare Centres
    CentreSessions HeldTimes Sessions HeldAverage AttendancesAverage New Cases
  • Page 33
    Work of Health Visitors The following table shows the number of visits paid by the Health Visitors during the year:—
  • Page 34
    Domiciliary Midwifery Service Below is a table showing the work of the County Midwives, Midwives residing at York House Training Home and Salvation Army Midwives for the year 1957.
    County MidwivesMidwives Residing at York House Training HomeSalvation Army Midwives
  • Page 35
    Ante-Natal Clinics
    CentreSessions HeldTimes Sessions HeldAverage AttendancesAverage New Cases
  • Page 35
    Live premature births occurring in the area:—
    31b. 4oz. or less31b. 5oz.— 41b. 6oz.41b. 7oz.— 41b. 15oz.51b. 0oz.— 51b. 8oz.TotalNo. Surviving one week
  • Page 36
    Day NurseryNumber of approved placesAverage Daily AttendanceAverage No. on RegisterTotal Attendances
  • Page 41
    The proportion of these in the full survey of 85 children is not exactly the same because the full list includes some with minor degrees of disability who will need no special provisions either before or after they come of school age.
    Date of birthDefect and degree of disabilityHome conditionsno. in family and whether neglected or not—degree of parental understandingResponse to nursery proposal
  • Page 42
    Continued from previous page...
    Date of birthDefect and degree of disabilityHome conditionsNo. in family and whether neglected or not—degree of parental understandingResponse to nursery proposal
  • Page 46
    As will be seen, there was an over-all increase of almost 10,000 hours over the previous year although the number of cases served increased by only one.
    Type of CaseNumber of CasesHours Help Provided
  • Page 48
    Clinics are held at Ford Road and Ashton Gardens, Chadwell Heath, as follows:—
    Ford RoadAshton Gardens Chadwell Heath
  • Page 48
    The following table indicates the work done during the year:—
    Children under 15 years of ageAdult MalesAdult Females
  • Page 49
    Occupational Therapy for domiciliary chest cases The following is a summary of work carried out from January 1st to December 31st, 1957.
    Total of PatientsTotal of New PatientsTotal of Visits
  • Page 51
    Vaccination against Smallpox During the year 1,856 persons were vaccinated or re-vaccinated by general practitioners and Local Health Authority medical officers.
    Age at date of vaccination or re-vaccinationVaccinatedRe-vaccinated
  • Page 51
    Whooping Cough 1,098 children received immunising doses against whooping cough, including booster doses.
    PrimaryBoostersCombined Whooping Cough and Diphtheria Vaccine
  • Page 52
    A total of 1,464 children received primary immunisation injections and a total of 1,670 received boosting doses.
    Age (in years) at final injectionPrimary immunisationChildren who received a boosting dose
  • Page 53
    The position at the end of the year in Dagenham regarding immunisation in relation to the child population is given in the following table which gives details of all children who had completed a course of immunisation at any time before that date:
    Age at 31. 12. 57. i.e. born in yearUnder 1 yr. 19571—4 yrs. 1956-19535—9 yrs. 1952- 194810—14 yrs. 1947-1943Under 15 yrs. total
  • Page 54
    A.— Periodic Medical Inpections Number of Inspections in the prescribed Groups:—
  • Page 55
    5,836 children were medically examined in the schools by school medical officers. Reference to the statistical table following will show in detail the number and type of defects discovered.
    Defect Code No .Defect or DiseasePeriodic InspectionsSpecial Inspections
    EntrantsLeaversTotal (all groups)
    Requiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observation
  • Page 56
    No individual pupil is recorded more than once in any column of this table, therefore, the total in column (4) will not necessarily be the same as the sum of columns (2) and (3).
    Age groupFor defective vision (excluding squint)For any of the other conditions recorded in Table IIATotal individual Pupils
  • Page 56
    Classification of the general condition of pupils inspected during the year in the age groups
    Age group (1)Number of Pupils Inspected (2)A SatisfactoryB Unsatisfactory
    No. (3)% of col. 2 (4)No. (5)% of col. 2 (6)
  • Page 57
    Eye Diseases, Defective Vision and Squint
    Number of cases dealt with
    By the AuthorityOtherwise
  • Page 59
    Children at minor ailment clinics during 1957 were as follows:—
  • Page 59
    Other Treatment Given
    New cases treated
    By the AuthorityOtherwise
  • Page 60
    Diseases and defects of Ear, Nose and Throat
    Number of cases treated
    Received operative treatment (a) For diseases of the earBy the AuthorityOtherwise
  • Page 60
    Age GroupNumber InspectedNumber found to have undergone tonsillectomy
  • Page 63
    Dental Inspection and Treatment of School Children
  • Page 64
    Mother and Child Welfare Dental Treatment
    Expectant or Nursing mothersChildren under five years of age
  • Page 67
    School medical officers refer children to hospital consultants for opinion or for treatment at specialist clinics; 240 children were so referred during the year, as follows:—
  • Page 71
    Summary of H andicapped C hildren
    N.B. These figures include 37 School Children with dual handicaps and five pre-school age.BlindPartially SightedDeafPartially DeafDelicateDiabeticE.S.N.EpilepticMaladjustedPhysically HandicappedSpeech DefectTotal