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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Vaccination against Smallpox

During the year 1,856 persons were vaccinated or re-vaccinated by general practitioners and Local Health Authority medical officers.

Age at date of vaccination or re-vaccinationVaccinatedRe-vaccinated
Under 1 year246479--
1—4 years1099032
5—14 years1823843-
15 years and over22145273125
Total all ages758652319127
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Whooping Cough

1,098 children received immunising doses against whooping cough, including booster doses.

PrimaryBoostersCombined Whooping Cough and Diphtheria Vaccine
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B.C.G. vaccination has continued in the 13-plus age group; this year 1,795 children
were offered vaccination. 848 children were tested after the parents' consent had been
Results of the Multiple Puncture tests:—
Negative 759 Positive 89
Of the children with negative reactions (and therefore susceptible) 698 received
B.C.G. vaccination. There were no cases of post-vaccination complications.
Tuberculosis Vaccines Clinical Trial
Of the 312 young people invited for their fifth annual X-ray, 141 attended, i.e., 45%
and of these 62% completed the skin tests. In addition, of the 209 who defaulted on
the previous occasion, 51 came along this time.

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