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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Area (in acres) 6,556
Registrar-General's estimate of resident population, 1957 114,400
Number of inhabited houses (end of 1957) according to Rate Books 30,632
Rateable value (December 31st, 1957) £1,330,713
Sum represented by a penny rate (approximate 1957-8) £5,410

Extracts from Vital Statistics for the Year

Live Births:TotalMaleFemale
Legitimate1,385668717Birth rate per 1,000 of the estimated resident population12.52
Legitimate321814Rate per 1,000 total (live and still) births22.53
Deaths794444350Death rate per 1,000 of the estimated resident population6.94
Deaths from pregnancy, childbirth, abortion
DeathsRate per 1,000 total (live and still) births-
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Death rate or lnlants under one year ol age:
All infants per 1,000 live births 16.76
Legitimate infants per 1,000 legitimate live births 16.61
Illegitimate infants per 1,000 illegitimate live births 21.28
Deaths from Cancer (all ages) 185
,, „ Measles (all ages) —
,, ,, Whooping Cough (all ages) —
,, ,, Gastritis, Enteritis and Diarrhoea (all ages) 8
1,432 live births were notified during the year, there being 690 males and 742
females. There is a decrease of total births from 1,581 in 1956 to 1,432. The corrected
birth rate per thousand population was 11.52 compared with 16.1 for England and Wales.
The illegitimate birth rate continues to be very low, being only 3.28 per cent of
total live births. The rate of illegitimate stillbirths is 3.03 per cent of total stillbirths.
Death Rate
Total deaths in district 640
Outward transfers 196
Inward transfers 350
Deaths of residents 794
Of the deaths of non-residents occurring in the district, 172 took place at Rush
Green Hospital and 7 at Dagenham Hospital.
Of the deaths of local residents taking place outside this area, most occurred in
institutions. Of these 228 occurred at Oldchurch Hospital; 17 at King George Hospital;
11 at Harold Wood Hospital; 17 at London Hospital; 9 at St. Joseph's Hospital; 7 at the
Ilford Isolation Hospital; 7 at the Victoria Hospital, Romford; 5 at St. Andrew's Hospital,
Billericay and 4 at the London Chest Hospital.
The crude death rate of 6.94 when corrected becomes 12.08 and compares with 11.5
for England and Wales.

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