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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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It is unfortunate that our clinic is so far from any means of public transport, as
this greatly increases the amount of work we give to the ambulance service; it also means
that many patients attending for treatment for respiratory affections have to miss all
treatment in bad weather, obviously the time they need it most.
In the early part of the year, school nurses attended the Audiology Unit at the
Royal National Hospital, Gray's Inn Road, for instruction in the use of the audiometer
which was later provided.
The audiometric testing has been patchy, and only children seen at medical inspection
or minor ailment clinics who were thought to have a degree of deafness were referred
for audiometric testing. No adequate survey can be undertaken until one of my medical
officers is trained in the diagnostic methods of audiometry.
Ten children have been tested with the audiogram. One is now under supervision
at Oldchurch Hospital, one is attending Rush Green Hospital twice a week for treatment
and one is attending Grays Inn Road Hospital for supervision and has been supplied with
a hearing aid. The others are very slightly deaf and have been referred to the clinic
doctor for supervision.
Children in Dagenham requiring child guidance have, in the past, attended the
Child Guidance clinic in Ilford, but during 1957 a second centre was opened in Romford
and most of the children in this area are now referred there—but those referred in previous
years who were nearing the end of their treatment continued to attend the Ilford clinic.
The total number of children referred in 1957 was 44, of which 43 were transferred to

School medical officers refer children to hospital consultants for opinion or for treatment at specialist clinics; 240 children were so referred during the year, as follows:—

Chest Physician56
Orthopaedic Surgeon5
E.N.T. Surgeon80
Enuresis Clinic15
Endocrine Clinic3
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