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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Adulterated Samples, etc.

Serial No.ArticleFormal or InformalNature of Adulteration or IrregularityObservations
280ABeerInformalContained mould growthWarning letter
282AFlourInformal49% deficient in creta preparataFormal sample satisfactory
299AMilkInformalContained multi-coloured fibres and minute fragments of burnt milk
300AMilkInformalContained fragments of straw and traces of burnt milk
301AMilkInformalContained bluish and purple fibres
305AMilkInformalContained a few cotton fibres and minute black specks, also some minute black globules of oily matterThese were a series of samples of school milk from one supplier
306AMilkInformalContained a few cotton fibres and minute black specks, also some minute black globules of oily matter
307AMilkInformalContained a few minute black specks and some minute black globules of oily matter.
304ABread Roll ButteredInformalContained foreign matter consisting of burnt or charred doughWarning letter
320ACherry Mineral WaterInformalHad a nasty objectionable smell and contained a substantial amount of yeasts in suspensionWarning letter
322ABreadInformalContained two very small rodent excretaManufacturer prosecuted Fined £10
323ACakeInformalContained a pin.No action. Insufficient evidence that pin emanated from the source alleged.
324AMilkInformalContained mould growth on bottom of bottle.Warning letter
359ABreadInformalContained foreign matter in the form of small masses of earthWarning letter
2350WhiskyFormalContained 1 % added waterWarning letter
2354WhiskyFormalContained 2.4% added waterWarning letter
2386Shredded Beef SuetFormal0.8% deficient in fatFurther sample satisfactory
2447Non brewed CondimentFormal17% deficient in acetic acidWarning letter
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