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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Maternal Mortality
There were no maternal deaths in this area during 1957.
Ophthalmia Neonatorium
One case of ophthalmia neonatorium was notified—which made a complete recovery.
There were 31 cases of other eye conditions occurring in newly-born infants requiring
medical treatment.

Domiciliary Midwifery Service

Below is a table showing the work of the County Midwives, Midwives residing at York House Training Home and Salvation Army Midwives for the year 1957.

County MidwivesMidwives Residing at York House Training HomeSalvation Army Midwives
Births Attended:
As Midwife13315574
As Maternity Nurse12843
Miscarriages Attended (included in above)152
Visits Paid:
As Midwife4,1083,1161,884
As Maternity Nurse2,3625057
Ante-Natal Clinics Attended34782153
Gas and Air Administered:
As Midwife8612567
As Maternity Nurse9342
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The domiciliary midwifery undertaken by the staff continues to fall due to the
increasing facilities for hospital delivery. A number of patients prefer hospital confinement
because of the convenience and others were admitted because of inadequate
home conditions.

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