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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Where children are receiving special educational treatment in other areas it would
be helpful if school medical officers in those areas seeing the children during their stay
in special schools could send reports to the School Health Department on the medical
progress of the children so that an up to date register can be kept. As is noted this is
done at the Bentry School for all "out of area" children.

Summary of H andicapped C hildren

N.B. These figures include 37 School Children with dual handicaps and five pre-school age.BlindPartially SightedDeafPartially DeafDelicateDiabeticE.S.N.EpilepticMaladjustedPhysically HandicappedSpeech DefectTotal
Receiving Education in Hospital under Section 56---11----1-3
Attending Day Special School-49220-1702-682277
Awaiting Placement in Day Special School--112-15-21-22
Attending Residential Special School3273--10215-158
Awaiting Placement in Residential Special School----11-211--15
Attending Boarding Homes------------
Awaiting Placement in Boarding Homes------------
Attending Independent Schools---2-------2
Awaiting Placement in Independent Schools------------
Receiving Home Tuition----1----3-4
Awaiting Home Tuition------------
Total number of Children of School Age requiring Special Educational Treatment3617950-197518733381
Children of School Age on Register of H.P., at ordinary schools-91879144126616227
Pre-school Children on Register of H. Pupils12134-3084477107
Pre-School children already receiving S.E.T.--1----1---2
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