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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Infestation with vermin
All cases of infestation, however slight, are recorded.
This return relates to instances of infestation and not to individual pupils,
(i) Total number of examinations of pupils in the schools by school
nurses or other authorized persons 48,402
(ii) Number of instances of infestation found 170
(iii) Number of cleansing notices issued (Section 54 (2) Education Act,
1944) 170
(iv) Number of disinfestations carried out:—
By school nurses 40
By parents 130
Vision tests were carried out on all children at the school medical inspections and
186 referred for treatment at the Opthhalmic Clinics and 157 kept under observation.

Eye Diseases, Defective Vision and Squint

Number of cases dealt with
By the AuthorityOtherwise
External and other (excluding errors of refraction and squint)431266
Errors of refraction (including squint)-1,324
Number of pupils for whom spectacles were prescribed-695
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Colour Vision
Colour vision testing was continued at all school medical inspections on all pupils
at or over the age of 11 years and the number of defects found were:—
Boys: 78 Total examined Boys 13965
Girls: 29 „ ,, Girls i>735
The importance of colour vision testing in the schools must be stressed as helpful
advice can be given to totally or partially colour blind boys regarding future employment
and the younger this is done (from 11 years) the better, so that the colour blind boy
does not come to his school leaving medical examination with his thoughts directed to
employment in the Merchant Navy, or as an engine driver or electrical engineer only
to be disillusioned in the last months of his school career, but he and his parents can
adjust their ideas on his future from an early age.

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