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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Day NurseryNumber of approved placesAverage Daily AttendanceAverage No. on RegisterTotal Attendances
Chadwell Heath5436469,237
Kingsley Hall4019254,684
NurseryWidowsParents SeparatedDesertionIllness of FatherUnmarried MothersSocioeconomicMothers working to supplement incomeTotal
Chadwell Heath18--3111942
Kingsley Hall1-21-111227
Number of children in all Nurseries 195731821103256122
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During 1957 there was much discussion both national and local about the future of
day nurseries, but the efficiency of the staff remained excellent in spite of these uncertainties.
As will be seen from the table, 34 children attending the nurseries did so because
of problems associated with the parents—illness of father etc. The biggest single group
of 56 includes many cases where to supplement the family income became a social
necessity, for example, those in which there is need to purchase their own home to
escape from overcrowded conditions.
In the socio-economic group are included those admitted on medical advice. Here
I would like to mention the increasing number of requests from hospitals and general
practitioners for the admission to the nurseries of physically or mentally handicapped
children. These children gain inestimable benefits from contact with normal children
in the pre-school years and the nurseries are ideal places for them, with the skilled
supervision and guidance which may be necessary. The parents' burden is considerably
lightened and they are so happy to see how well these children thrive in the atmosphere
of the nurseries.

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