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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Dental Inspection and Treatment of School Children

(a) Number of pupils inspected9281,541
(b) Number found to require treatment7261,462
(c) Number offered treatment7261,462
(d) Number actually treated981,071
(e) Number awaiting treatment351103
(f) Attendances made by pupils for treatment3523,371
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(g) Half days devoted by (a) Dental Officers to—
(i) inspection 116
(ii) treatment 483
(h) Fillings
(i) Permanent teeth 1,859
(ii) Temporary teeth 248
(i) Number of teeth filled
(i) Permanent teeth 1,462
(ii) Temporary teeth 285
(j) Extractions
(i)Permanent teeth
(a) on account of caries 545
(b) for other purposes 17
(ii) Temporary teeth
(a) on account of caries 1,868
(b) for other purposes 7
(k) Anaesthetics administered
(i) Local 855
(ii) General (a) by Medical Officers on County Staff 639
(/) Orthodontics
(i) Cases completed 13
(ii) Cases discontinued 37
(iii) Pupils treated with appliances 28
(iv) Removable appliances fitted 28
(v) Fixed appliances fitted —
(vi) Total attendances 294
(m) Dentures
(i) Number of pupils supplied with artificial dentures 8
(ii) Number of dentures fitted 8
(«) Other operations
(i) Permanent teenth 135
(ii) Temporary teeth 56
(o) Analysis of figures in (n)
Type of operation Number
Silver Nitrate Treat-
ment 20
Scaling 93
Syringing Sockets 7
Dressings 58
Other operations 13

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