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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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Infant Welfare Centres

CentreSessions HeldTimes Sessions HeldAverage AttendancesAverage New Cases
The Clinic, Ashton Gardens,WeeklyThursday, a.m.412
Chadwell Heath.WeeklyThursday, p.m.412
Becontree Clinic,WeeklyMonday, p.m.383
Becontree Avenue,WeeklyTuesday, p.m.262
Dagenham.(discontinued 24/6/57
WeeklyWednesday, a.m.341
The Leys Clinic, Ballards Road,WeeklyThursday, a.m.261
Dagenham.WeeklyThursday, p.m.302
Rush Green Clinic, 179, Dagenham Road,(2nd, 4th &5th in month)Friday, a.m.151
Rush Green.WeeklyFriday, p.m.261
The Clinic, Ford Road,WeeklyTuesday, a.m.292
Dagenham.WeeklyTuesday, p.m.382
The Clinic, Manford Way, Hainault.WeeklyMonday, p.m.161
London City Mission Hall, Dagenham Road,WeeklyWednesday, p.m.322
Dagenham.WeeklyThursday, a.m.111
(Transferred to Oxlow Lane 29/6/57)WeeklyThursday, p.m.512
15/17, Thompson Road,WeeklyTuesday, p.m.404
Dagenham.WeeklyFriday, a.m.141
The Clinic, Oxlow Lane,WeeklyWednesday, p.m.513
Dagenham.WeeklyFriday, p.m.382
St. Mark's Church Hall, Marks Gate.WeeklyTuesday, p.m.141
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