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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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5,836 children were medically examined in the schools by school medical officers. Reference to the statistical table following will show in detail the number and type of defects discovered.

Defect Code No .Defect or DiseasePeriodic InspectionsSpecial Inspections
EntrantsLeaversTotal (all groups)
Requiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observationRequiring treatmentRequiring observation
5Eyes—(a) Vision293280471861575522
(b) Squint131343232763
(c) Other8981922495227
(d) Colour vision---46-58--
6Ears—(a) Hearing6103317172218
(b) Otitis Media4-331083010
(c) Other37231321231
7Nose and Throat3413075481647456
9Lymphatic Glands184-119729
12Developmental (a) Hernia12--13--
(b) Other45419988
13Orthopaedic (a) Posture13111114484778
(b) Feet192815155263237
(c) Other20505213612416559
14Nervous System (a) Epilepsy21-14674
(b) Other-1-11191213
15Psychological (a) Development996821551111
(b) Stability9192214382719
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