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Dagenham 1957

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Dagenham]

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During the year the mains laid in the Borough were as follows:—

Lenghts of Mains YardsDiameter
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372 supplies were afforded to houses during the year.
The Chief Engineer of the South Essex Waterworks Company has furnished me
with the following report:—
“Bacteriological and chemical examinations are made of the raw river water,
of the water in its various stages of treatment and of the water going into supply
and of both raw and chlorinated water from the Company's wells.
Analyses are also made of samples obtained from consumers’ taps in the various
parts of the Company's district and all proved to be satisfactory.
Over 3,890 chemical, bacteriological and biological examinations have been made
during the year.
All water going into supply was wholesome."
Slum Clearance
During the year one area containing two houses has been officially represented.
In addition, a further three houses have been dealt with informally.
The Council's five-year programme consists of 58 properties and at the end of the
year action had been commenced in respect of 31.
Rent Act, 1957
This Act operated from 6th July, 1957 and up to the end of the year 51 applications
for certificates of disrepair had been received from tenants. The appropriate notice
(in only 23 cases did the list of defects include all those asked for by the tenant) was
issued in each case informing the landlord (a copy was sent to the landlord's agent) of
of the Council's intention of issuing a certificate of disrepair. Undertakings were given
in respect of 36 properties; certificates of disrepair were issued in respect of 14 properties

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