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Leyton 1948

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]


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    From the following figures of the last five years, of First two were war years, it appears that the sudden Increase in births reached its maximum in 1947.
    Year.Births.Birth Rate.
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    TABLE 1. Registered Births, 1948.
    Leyton.Lea Bridge.Central North.Central South.Forest.Leyton-stone.Grove Green.Harrow Green.Cann HallWanstead Slip.Total.
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    Sex.All Ages.Ages at Death is Years.In Institutions in the District
    Under 1 year.1 and under 2 years.2 and under 5 years.5 and under 15 years.15 and under 25 years25 and under 35 years.35 and under 45 years.45 and under 55 years.55 and under 65 years.65 and under 75 years.75 years and upwards.Not belonging to District.Belonging to District.
    123456789101112' 13141516
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    CAUSES OF DEATH.Leyton.Lea Bridge.Central North.Central South.Forest.Leyton-stone.Grove Green.Harrow Green.Cann Hall.Wanstead Slip.
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    TABLE 4. Vital Statistics of Whole District during 1948 and Previous Years.
    Year.Births.Total Deaths Registered in the Borough.Transferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the Borough.
    Inward TransferasesNett.of Nonresidents registered in the Borough.of Residents not registered in the Borough.Under 1 Year of Age.At all Ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 Nett Births.Number.Rate.
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    TABLE 5. Birth-rate, Death-rate and Analysis of Mortality During the Year 1948
    Birthrate per 1,000 Total Population.Annual Death-rate per 1,000 Population.Rate per 1,000 Births.Percentage of Total Deaths.
    All Causes.Enteric Fever.Smallpox.Tuberculosis.Pneumonia.Whooping Cough.Diphtheria.Influenza.Diarrhoea and Enteritis (under 2 Years).Total Deaths under 1 Year.Certified by Registered Medical Practitioners.Inquest Cases.Certified by Coroner after P.M. No Inquest.Uncertified Causes of Death.
    Live Births.Still Births.
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    TABLE 6. Comparative Statistics of Births, Mortality, Etc. LEYTON, 1899-1948.
    Year.Population.Births.Birth Rate.Deaths.Death Rate.Deaths under 1 year.Infantile Death Rate.
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    TABLE 7. Infantile Mortality, Year 1948—Ages.
    CAUSES OF DEATH.Under 1 Week.1—2 Weeks.2—3 Weeks.3—4 Weeks.Total under 4 Weeks.4 Weeks and under 3 Months.3 Months and under 6 Months.6 Months and under 9 Months.9 Months and under 12 Months.Total Deaths under 1 Year.
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    PREVALENCE OF, AND CONTROL OVER INFECTIOUS AND OTHER DISEASES. Table showing the number of notified cases of infectious diseases and their disposal.
    Disease.Notifications Received.Removed to Hospital.
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    The following figures show the vaccinal state of children who have been examined at routine medical inspections during the last seven years.
    YearNumber ExaminedNumber VaccinatedPercentage Vaccinated
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    This is the first death from scarlet fever since 1941.
    Year.Cases Notified.Deaths.Case Fatality per cent.
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    Year.Cases Notified.Deaths.Case Fatality per cent.
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    TUBERCULOSIS. Notifications .—One hundred and forty-four patients were notified for the first time in 1948 as suffering from tuberculosis. The number was made up as follows:-
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    The following is a statement of particulars appearing in the Register of Notifications of Cases of Tuberculosis for the year ended 31st December, 1948:—
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    The following table gives particulars regarding the new cases which have occurred during the year:—
    Age Periods.New Cases.
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    DISEASE.Total.Leyton.Lea Bridge.Central North.Central South.Forest.Leyton-stone.Grove Green.Harrow Green.Cann Hall.Wan-stead Slip.Removed to Hospitals.
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    DISEASE.At All AgesUnder 11-22-33-44-55-1010-1515-2020-3535-4545-6565 and up
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    Number of Persons who—At Party.At Home.Total.
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    The following figures show the work done at that Clinic since then.
    YearCases TreatedTotal attendances for treatment
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    Attendances during 1948.
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    In 65 instances no inquest was considered necessary in view of the post-mortem findings that death was due to natural causes. The causes of death in these cases were certified as follows:—
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    Inquests. The following verdicts on Leyton residents were recorded at inquests held during the year:—
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    SANITARY CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE AREA. SANITARY INSPECTIONS OF THE AREA. Inspections. The table below gives a summary of the Inspections made by the Sanitary Inspectors:—
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    Nature of Work Executed and Improvements Effected in Dwelling-houses and other Premises under the Provisions of the Housing and Public Health Acts.
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    Rats and Mice (Destruction) Act, 1919. Ministry of Food—Infestation Order 1943 S. R. & O. 680.
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    The following figures show the results of these two treatments:
    No. of Manholes baited.No. showing complete prebait take.No. showing some prebait take.Percentage of take.
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    HOUSING. Complaints. During the year 2,369 complaints were received and investigated. The nature of the complaints included sanitary defects in houses, drains choked or defective, premises infested with vermin, etc.
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    Housing. Number of houses erected during the year:— (a) Total (including numbers given separately under (b) ).
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    (b) With State assistance under the Housing Acts.
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    I.—Inspection of Dwelling-houses during the Year:—
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    Legal Proceedings. (Public Health Act, 1936.)
    Non-compliance with Abatement Notice:—
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    Non-compliance with Abatement Notice:—
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    Inspections. The following visits were made to food premises during the year:—
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    Bacteriological Examinations. Designated Milk.
    Licenses.No. Granted.No. of Samples taken.Result
    Phosphatase Reaction.Methylene Blue Test.
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    Meat and Foods condemned and destroyed.
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    Food and Drugs Act, 1938. The number of samples taken for analysis under the provisions of this Act from 1st January to the 31st December was 122.
    Samples analysed.Samples unsatisfactory.
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    Samples analysed.Samples unsatisfactory.
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    Legal Proceedings. (Food and Drugs Act, 1938.)
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    FACTORIES. THE FACTORIES ACT, 1937. 1. INSPECTIONS FOR PURPOSES OF PROVISIONS AS TO HEALTH. Including inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors.
    Premises.Number of
    Inspections.Written Notices.Occupiers Prosecuted
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    Particulars.Number of Defects.
    Found.Remedied.Referred to H.M. Inspector.
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    OUTWORK IN UNWHOLESOME PREMISES. (Section 111 of Act of 1937.)
    Nature of Work.Instances.Notices served.Prosecutions
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    Some idea of the results which have been achieved during these thirty years may be got by comparing the following relevant vital statistics for the years 1918 and 1948.
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    SECTION 22 CARE OF MOTHERS AND YOUNG CHILDREN. Births. 1,810 births were registered during the year:—
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    First Attendances.Subsequent Attendances.Total.
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    ATTENDANCES, EXAMINATIONS, etc., 1946—1948.
    Leyton GreenPark HouseAll Centres
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    Post-Natal and Gynaecological Clinic.
    Leyton Green Health Centre.
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    The following are the main conditions which have been found on examination:—
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    Care of Premature Infants (Circular 20/44).
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    Issue of Vitamin Products. The following figures issued by the Ministry of Food show the average weekly issue of vitamin products during the year 1948.
    Orange Juice.Cod Liver Oil.A and D Tablets.
    Bottles.Per centBottles.Per cent.Packets.Per cent.
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    There has been a falling-off in the number of dentures supplied to the mothers through the Council's scheme, as some of these patients have consulted private dentists for their artificial dentures following the completion of the necessary extractions.
    Expectant Mothers.Nursing Mothers.Infants under 5 Years.
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    Ophthalmia Neonatorum.
    No. of Cases Notified.TreatedVision Unimpaired.Vision Impaired.Total Blindness.Deaths.
    At Home.In Hosp.
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    Infant and Foetal Mortality. The following figures show the infantile, neonatal and stillbirths mortality rates during the last five years.
    Year.Live Births.Deaths underMortality Rate.Stillbirths.
    No.Rate per 1000 (live and still) Births.
    1 year.4 weeks.Infantile.Neo natal.
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    The following list shows the numbers of children in each category (a) in attendance at, and (6) awaiting admission to, each of the two nurseries at the end of December, 1948.
    Category.Knotts Green.Ellingham Road.
    (a) In attendance.(b) Awaiting admission.(a) In attendance.(b) Awaiting admission.
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    MIDWIFERY Record of Cases attended by Council Midwives, 1948.
    Midwives employed by
    Essex County Council.Attached to the Essex Nurses' Training Home, Beachcroft Road.Total.
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    This home nursing has been undertaken quietly and efficiently by a nursing staff whose chief reward has been their pride in work well done and their satisfaction in the knowledge that their work has been appreciated.
    No. of Cases.No. of Visits made.
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    VACCINATION AND IMMUNISATION. Vaccination. Return for period 5th July to 31st December, 1948:—
    Age at 31/12/48.Total.
    Under 1 year.1—4 years.5—14 years.15 years or over.
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    Diphtheria Immunisation. Return for the year 1948:—
    Age 0-5 years.Age 5-15 years.Total.
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    Percentage of School Children Immunised.
    EntrantsSecond Age GroupThird Age Group
    No. Exmd.No. Immunised%No. Exmd.No. Immunised%No. Exmd.No. Immunised%
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    The following table gives in summary form the information regarding this case.
    Age.Sex.Date of Immunisation.Date of Notification.Swab Results T=Throat. N=Nose. E=Ear.Diagnosis.
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    Incidence and Mortality from Diptheria. Totals of deaths and notifications during the past nine years have been as follows:
    Year.England and Wales.Leyton.
    Notified Cases.Deaths.Notified Cases.Deaths.
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    The following table gives particulars of the cases transported in the Leyton Council Ambulances during the period 1st January to 4th July, 1948, after which date the ambulance service was taken over in its entirety by the Essex County Council:—
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    The Municipal Foot Clinic was opened at High Road Baths, Bakers Arms, in March, 1936, and the following list shows the number of attendances for treatment each year since that time
    Year.First attendances (new cases).Subsequent attendances.Total attendances.
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    During the year 13,311 attendances for treatment were made, representing an increase of 3,309 over the attendances during the previous year.
    First Attendances (new cases).Subsequent Attendances.Total Attendances.
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    The number of persons who received free treatment was 51 (3.88 per cent. of the total number of new cases). The following figures show the attendances of patients who received free treatment.
    First Attendances (new cases).Subsequent Attendances.Total Attendances.
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    Defects Treated.
  • Page 89
    During the year 25 patients were referred to their own private medical practitioners or hospitals for the following conditions:—
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    On that date the Domestic Help Office was opened at 267, High Road, Leyton, with an approved administrative staff of one Clerk and one Case Visitor. The following figures show the number of Domestic Helpers available for duty on the dates shown:—
  • Page 91
    The following figures show in brief outline the relevant particulars regarding cases helped during the year:—
  • Page 92
    Help supplied:
  • Page 92
    The following list shows the disabilities from which the 247 applicants were suffering and the number of cases in each category that were helped during the year:—
    Disability.No. of Cases.
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    The figures set out below relate to the calendar year ended 1948.
    NumberRollAverage AttendancePercentage of Attendance
  • Page 98
    Number of Inspections in the prescribed groups.
  • Page 99
    The Findings of Medical Inspection. Number of Individual Children found at Routine Medical Inspection to require Treatment (excluding Defects of Nutrition, Uncleanliness and Dental Diseases).
    Group.Number of Children.Percentage of Children found to require treatment.
    Inspected.Found to require treatment.
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    Cleanliness Surveys in Individual Schools.
    School.Number of Examinations.Number Cautioned.Number Excluded.
  • Page 100
    The incidence of uncleanliness for the past 10 years is shown in the following table.
    YearNumber of ExaminationsNumber CautionedNumber Excluded
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    The following table shows in statistical form the results of school dental inspection in the individual schools mentioned.
    School.Number inspected.Number referred for treatment.Number accepting treatment.Percentage of acceptances.
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    PROVISION OF MEALS. The number of individual children fed under the Authority arrangements during 1948 was :—
    Dinners.Milk Meals.
  • Page 108
    Number of meals supplied :—
    Dinners.Milk Meals.
  • Page 108
    1. Children at present Undergoing Treatment—
    Diagnosis of Defects—BoysGirlsTotal
  • Page 108
    Incidence of speech defects among seniors, juniors and infants—
  • Page 109
    2. Discharged—53.
  • Page 110
    C. Pupils Found to Require Treatment. Number of individual children found at Periodic Medical Inspection to require treatment (excluding dental diseases and infestation with vermin).
    Group.For Defective Vision (excluding Squint).For all other ConditionsTotal individual PupilsPercentage of children found to require Treatment.
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    TABLE II. A. Return of Defects found by Medical Inspection in the Year ended 31 st December , 1948.
    Defect or Disease.Routine Inspections.Special Inspections.
    Number requiring Treatment.Observation.Number requiring Treatment.Observation.
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    TABLE II. B. Classification of the General Condition of Pupils Inspected during the Year in the Age Groups.
    Age Groups.No. of Pupils Inspected.A. Good.B. Fair.C. Poor.
  • Page 111
    TREATMENT TABLE. Group I.—Minor Ailments (excluding Uncleanliness, for which see Table V).
    Disease or Defect.Number of Defects treated or under treatment during the year.
  • Page 112
    TABLE III .—conld. Group II.— Defective Vision and Squint (excluding Minor Eye Defects treated a3 minor ailments. group I).
    Defect or Disease.Number of Defects dealt with.
  • Page 112
    Group III.— Treatment of Defects of Nose and Throat.
  • Page 113
    TABLE IV. Dental Inspection and Treatment
  • Page 114
    TABLE V. Infestation with Vermin.