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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]


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    Natural increase of Population.
    DeathsBirthsNatural Increase
  • Page 7
    The various deep wells in the district are as follows:—
  • Page 7
    Appended is a recent list of premises still supplied by shallow wells:—
    Property.Source and Condition.
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    Continued from previous page...
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    Cowsheds in the District.
    Number in Register.Amount of cubic space allotted to each cow.Condition as to light when doors are closed.Ventilation, whether adequate or not.General cleanliness °f shed and cows.
  • Page 10
    Dairies in the District.
    Number in Register.Position and Condition of Premises where Milk is Stored.Are the Vessels containing the Milk covered ?What are the methods adopted for cleaning churns and cans ?
  • Page 11
    Milkshops in the District.
    Number in Register.Description of the Vessel in which the Milk is stored.Description of covering to the Vessel.Other Articles Sold in the Shop.
  • Page 15
    Properties which have been re-drained and otherwise improved and suggestions for further improvement.
    Name of Property.Sanitary Improvements Required.
  • Page 16
    Inspection of District— continued.
    Name of Property,Sanitary Improvements Required.
  • Page 17
    Inspection of District— continued.
    Name of Property.Sanitary Improvements required.
  • Page 22
    1903-4-5, I find that the South Ward where most of this class of property is situated, shews no preponderence of notifications.
    1903.Scarlet Fever.Dip.1904.Scarlet Fever.Dip.1905.Scarlet Fever.Dip.
  • Page 24
    I.—INSPECTION. Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors or Inspectors of Nuisances.
    Number of
    InspectionsWritten Notices.
  • Page 24
    Number of
    Fou ndDefects Remedied
  • Page 25
    Number of
  • Page 30
    Table shewing the distribution of the various notifiable Infectious diseases in the several Wards of the Town, for the year 1905.
  • Page 30
    Table shewing ages at which notified cases of Infectious disease occurred during the year 1905 :
    Disease.all agesunder 11 to 55 to 1515 to 25 ,25 to 6565 and upward
  • Page 30
    Table shewing where the notified cases of Infectious disease occurring in the year 1905 were treated.
    HospitalScarlet FeverDiphtheriaEnteric FeverErysipelasPuerperal FeverMembranous CroupSmall PoxTotal
  • Page 31
    The following figures give some idea of the extent the infectious disease prevail in this district:
    Number of cades 1896-1905Average death rate 1896-1905Death rate 1905Case rate per 1000 of estimated pop. for year 1905Average case rate per 1000 1896-1905.
  • Page 32
    The following table shews the number of cases and deaths during the past 5 years:
    No. of CasesNo. treated in HospitalPercentage treated in HospitalDeathsDeath Rate per 1,000 of population
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    I append the following table for comparison with former years:—
    No. of CasesDeathsNo. treated in HospitalPercentage treated in HospitalDeath Rate per per centDeath Rate 1,000 of population
  • Page 34
    I append the usual table for comparison with former years:—
    No. of CasesDeathsNo. treated in HospitalPercentage treated in HospitalDeath Rate per centDeath Rate per 1,000 of population
  • Page 37
    From the annexed table it will be seen that the death rate has remained much the same during the past 3 years. The average death rate for the 10 years 1895-1905 is 1.8.
    YearEst. Population.No. of Deaths.Rate.
  • Page 38
    The question of dealing systematically with the disease is now under the consideration of the Public Health Committee. Hitherto no action of any kind has been taken in the way of prevention. I append a list shewing the progress of the disease in the disrict during the past 10 vears.
    No. of deaths.Death rate per 1,000.
  • Page 41
    Vaccination. The total number of Primary Vaccinations which have been performed during the past four years is as follows:—
    No. of Primary Vaccinations.No. of Births.
  • Page 43
    I append the usual table shewing the chief causation of the Child mortality:—
  • Page 43
    infantile Mortality. Rate per 1,000 births registered:—
    Year.Barking.Ilford.East Ham.
  • Page 44
    The Birth Rate. Per 1,000 of the estimated population.
    BarkingIlfordEast Ham
  • Page 48
    Vital Statistics of whole District during 1005 and previous years.
    Year.Population estimated to Middle of each Year.Births.Total Deaths Registered in the District.Total Deaths in Public Institutions in the District.Deaths of Nonresidents registered in Public Institutions in the District.Deaths of Residents registered in Public Institutions beyond the District.Net Deaths at all Ages belonging to the District.
    Under 1 year 0 age.At all ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 Births registered.Number.Rate.Number.Rate.
  • Page 49
    Cases of Infectious Disease Notified during the Year 1905,
    Notifiable DiseasesAt all AgesUnder 11 to 55 to 1515 to 2525 to 6565 and upwardsNo. of Cases removed to Hospital
  • Page 50
    Causes of, and ages at, Death during Year 1905.
    Causes of deathDeath at the subjoined ages of " Residents" whether occurring in or beyond the District.Total deaths whether of Residents or Non "Residents" in Public institutions in the District.
    All agesUnder 1 year1 and under 55 and under 1515 and under 2525 and under 6565 and upwards
  • Page 51
    Infantile Mortality during the Year 1905. Deaths from stated causes in Weeks and Months under One Year of Age.
    CAUSE ON DEATH.Under 1 Week.1-2 Weeks2-3 Weeks3-1 WeeksTotal under 1 month,1-2 Months2-3 Months3-4 Months4-5 Months5-6 Months6-7 Months7-8 Months8-9 Months!)-10 Months10-11 Months11-12 MonthsTotal Deaths under One Year.
  • Page 56
    Common Lodging Houses. There are five registered houses in the district as follows:—
    No. of Rooms.No. of Lodgers.
  • Page 57
    Of the 59 samples purchased, the following were found to be not of the nature, substance, and quality demanded.
    No. of Sample.Description of Article.Offence.Remarks.