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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Properties which have been re-drained and otherwise improved and suggestions for further improvement.

Name of Property.Sanitary Improvements Required.
St. John's Retreat.Partially re-drained These houses are now undergoing repair The surface of the court also is to be rendered more sanitary.
Red Lion PlaceHas been re-drained and requires paving
Alma PlaceHas been re-drained. The surface of the court should be drained and repaired where necessary.
Back Reform PlaceThe main drain which receives the drainage from these houses, and also from Reform Place, North Street, has been relaid and ventilated. The house connections have partially attended to.
Nelson Street*The main drains have been relaid and ventilated, and the house connections re-instated.
Trafalgar Street
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Place
Back LaneThe drains of Nos. 1 to 22 need re-laying Instructions have been given to the Surveyor to carry this work out. (See Sanitary Minutes Feb. 2nd and March 2nd, 1900.)
Bifron's SquareThe drains belonging to this property have been reconstructed and ventilated. A w.c. has been provided for each house. The surface of the square has been made up with a road, curbed and channelled.
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* These Streets have been made up under the 150 section. They
should be now regularly scavenged.

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