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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Of the 59 samples purchased, the following were found to be not of the nature, substance, and quality demanded.

No. of Sample.Description of Article.Offence.Remarks.
10ButterMargarine supplied wrapped in paper labelled MargarineVendor cautioned
19dittoContained 0.7 boric acidditto
33Milk5 per cent added waterditto
38ditto4 per cent dittoditto
57ditto16 per cent. deficient in Milk FatFined £2 and 14/6 costs
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On one occasion a Vendor refused to serve me with a pint of
milk, and on reporting the matter to the Committee they demanded
an apology from the Vendor and cautioned him.
Factory and Workshop Act.
The following is a list of Workshops and Workplaces on the
Laundries 6
Jobmaster 1
Dress and Mantle Makers 13
Wheelwrights 3
Cycle Makers 2
Fish Skin Scrapers 3
Carpenters and Joiners 6
Rope Manufacturers 1
Stonemason 2
Milliners 2
Baby Linen Maker 1
Mineral Water Manufacturer 1
Firewood Manufacturer 1
Plumbers 2
Blouse Maker 1

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