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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Common Lodging Houses.

There are five registered houses in the district as follows:—

No. of Rooms.No. of Lodgers.
8 to 12 Fisher Street1344
21 ditto414
29 ditto627
50 Heath Street513
Church Path411
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All have been visited and inspected (once at midnight) from
time to time; the rooms limewhited twice a year, in accordance
with the bye-laws, and on all occasions found to be kept in a
satisfactory condition,
No case of infectious disease has occurred in any of the houses.
During the year 37 bodies were received into the Mortuary,
viz., 21 males, and 16 females; 31 for the purposes of inquests, and
and 6 on sanitary grounds.
Post mortem examinations were made in six cases.
Five Licences have been renewed; and one new one sanctioned.
All have* been periodically visited to see that the conditions of the
Petroleum Act are properly carried out.
Sale of Food and Drugs Act.
The number of samples purchased for the purposes of Analysis
by the County Analyst was as follows:—
Butter 35
Milk 20
Coffee 2
Margarine 2

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