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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Number of
Homework—List of outworkers (sec. 107.)
Lists received1214
Addresses of outworkers received from other Authorities14
Wearing Apparel.
Cases of infectious disease notified in homeworkers' premises1
Workshops on the Register at the end of 1905—Number
Total number of Workshops on Register78
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Council's Schools.
I have inspected these at intervals, and always investigated
any outbreak of infectious disease which has broken out. Diphtheria,
Measles, and Chicken Pox, have been epidemic, but, by promptly
isolating those affected, from the healthy, in no case has the number
of cases largely increased, and the epidemic has always quickly
subsided. With regard to Measles, I still continue to allow children
in the upper standards to attend school, though perhaps one of the
younger children may be at home suffering from the complaint,
provided that the patient is kept isolated from the rest. I have
not traced a single case of disease from this arrangement.
I am of opinion that as a rule the diphtheria cases were due to
contagion at school, probably from unrecognised mild attacks.
In one instance, I was asked to see a child in school who appeared

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