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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Two Cottages in Gale Street
Great Porters-
Mogg's Farm
Nos. 1 to 6, Ripple Hall
Alpha Cottage
Bleak House, CreeksmouthSupplied by cart from Town supply.
Four Cottages adjoining
Magazine CottageFrom Lawes' well.
Crooked Billet (Licensed House)Supplied from Town.
Du Pass' CottagesFrom deep well.
Magazine Cottage, Ripple MarshNo supply.
Greatfields Farm HouseShallow well
Two Cottages adjoining
Davey's Tar WorksNo Supply
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Food and Milk Supply.
Large quantities of chilled foreign meat are sold in the town
more especialy on Saturday evenings, at a very low price. The
very poorest, if they have any money at all are thus able to procure
a joint of meat at trifling cost.
The shops and stalls where this and other articles of diet are
sold have been systematically inspected, but in no case has there
been any occasion to interfere.
With regard to the milk supply it is convenient to divide the
question into two sections:—
1. Premises concerned in the production of the milk.
2. Those concerned in the storage and handling of the milk.
In both there is great need for a fresh system of working.
1st There are five dairies in the district where cows are kept
and from whence milk is distributed over the town.
I give a list of these, shewing their present condition:—
2nd I give a list of dairies where the milk is stored and handled,
with their present condition—where cows are not kept.
3rd. Milk Shops.

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