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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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only .0165 parts per 1000,000. Saline ammonia - .007 parts
per 1,000,000.
The question of the Creeksmouth Supply appears as far off solution
as ever.
With regard to the shallow wells in the district I have not been
able to trace any case of disease thereto during the year, at the
same time I am of opinion that several of them might be closed
with advantage.

The various deep wells in the district are as follows:—

1.Lawes Well, Creeksmouth.
2.Du Pass' „ „
3.Mineral Water Manufactory, 2 wells.
4.Barking Brewery Well.
5.Well at the mill on Town Quay.
6.Deep well belonging to the Metropolitan Water Board.
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The first two on the list give a large amount of chlorides, probably
owing to intermixture with Thames water. They are not fit for
drinking purposes. The remainder give water of excellent quality.

Appended is a recent list of premises still supplied by shallow wells:—

Property.Source and Condition.
Wellington Mill HouseShallow well.
Cottage adjoining (Public supply to be laid on at once).
Two Cottages adjoining Longbridge FarmShallow well.
Bush Grove Farm
Parsloe's Lodge
Louse HallSupplied by S.E.W.
Scratton's FarmShallow well.
Starling's Hall
Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Lodge Lane
Lodge Farm House
„ Cottage
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