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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Housing of the Working Classes.
The number of cottages at a low rental has greatly increased
during the past year. Numbers, which were formerly let at 6s. 6d
or 7s. per week, can now be had for 5s. 6d. inclusive. Some of
these contain four rooms and a washhouse, but for the most part
consist of four rooms and no washhouse.
I am of opinion that these small houses are a great benefit to
the labouring classes, and are a great advance on the separated
double tenement system.

1903-4-5, I find that the South Ward where most of this class of property is situated, shews no preponderence of notifications.

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(For the death rate of the separate Wards see under heading
" Statistics.")
At the present time 157 cottages are owned by the Council,
the rents being 5s. 6d., 6s. 9d., and 7s. 0d. These are all on the
separate tenement system and are let fairly well. Those rented
at 5s. 6d. per week especially.
The empties, and irrecoverables in connection with the King
Edward Road Houses for the year 1904 -5 works out at 3.2 per cent.
of the total rent.
The number of houses in the town now letting at an inclusive
rental of 5s. 6d. per week and under, has now reached a total of 1724.
The number in Jan. 1,905 was 1,368, showing an increase during
the year of 356.

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