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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Inspection of District— continued.

Name of Property,Sanitary Improvements Required.
The houses themselves hare been modernised in appearence, and thoroughly renoverated inside, and are let at a rental of 5s. per week.
Linsdell's CourtThe surface of the court has been made up under the 150th section of the Public Health Act, 1875, and the houses are now let at a rental of 4s. per week.
Orchard AvenueThe houses have been put in good repair and are now all occupied.
Morgan's YardThe sewer has been relaid and ventilated and the court paved.
Morgan's QuayThe main sewer has been relaid and ventilated, and the road made up. The paving at the back of the houses has been laid. The yard needs scavenging.
Factory Road and Emily CottagesThese drains have been re-constructed and ventilated. The houses have been modernised, thoroughly cleansed and renovated. The back yards have been concreted and divided off in Factory Rd. In Emily Cottages the back yards have been concreted but not divided.
Park TerraceThe sewers belonging to these properties need ventilating and re-constructing.
Albert Terrace
Collier Row
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