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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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As a result of the representations that have been made by the
Barking Council to the Local Government Board on the subject'
the Ilford Council have stated that works are in progress which it
is anticipated will remove the cause of complaint. This, however,
still remains to be seen.
1905 20.51 inches
1904 18.29 „
1903 33.25 ,,
1902 19.08 „
Observer: Mr. T. Booton.
Small Pox.
One case of Small Pox was notified. This case was probably
due to contact with contacts from a troopship on which cases of
Small Pox had occurred. The patient was isolated at the
Dagenham Hospital and recovered.


The total number of Primary Vaccinations which have been performed during the past four years is as follows:—

No. of Primary Vaccinations.No. of Births.
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Pauperism during 1905.
There has been an abnormal amount of destitution during the
year as is shown by the amount distributed by Medical and temporary
relief. I have no doubt that the poverty and destitution which
has taken place have added considerably to the Mortality and Sickness
returns of the district.

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