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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Physical Features of the District.
The general level of the district under the administration of
the Urban District Council of Barking Town is low, as low in some
parts as 6ft. above Ordnance datum.
In spite of this however the district is well drained and there is
no part of it which could be termed water-logged.
The level of the subsoil water in the higher parts (e.g. at the
Rippleside Cemetary which is 18ft. above o.d.) is about 12 ft. below
the surface and in the lower (e.g. near the sewage works) the
level was found about the same. The district is traversed on three
sides by tidal streams, which fact no doubt explains to a large
extent the fairly low level of the subsoil water, another and
most important item being the construction of a subsoil
drain underneath the pipe for the conveyance of sewage.
When the sewer was laid in 1884, the level of the subsoil water
dropped considerably. We find also the same thing happening
wherever a new sewer is laid. These conditions together with the
fact that the town is built upon a deep bed of gravel and also that
rainfall is very low render the district dry, and I am glad to say
progressingly healthy.
The public water supply of the district is derived from the
wells of the South Essex Company. I have made several analyses
of the water, especially during the summer. I found it of excellent
quality ; a recent analysis shewing the albuminoid ammonia to be
Water Supply

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