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Barking 1905

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Barking]

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Infantile Mortality during the Year 1905.

Deaths from stated causes in Weeks and Months under One Year of Age.

CAUSE ON DEATH.Under 1 Week.1-2 Weeks2-3 Weeks3-1 WeeksTotal under 1 month,1-2 Months2-3 Months3-4 Months4-5 Months5-6 Months6-7 Months7-8 Months8-9 Months!)-10 Months10-11 Months11-12 MonthsTotal Deaths under One Year.
All Causes—Certified2536438128156568105101124
Common Infectious Diseases—
Diphtheria: Croup--------------1-1
Whooping Cough-------------11-2
Diarrhœal Diseases—
Diarrhoea, all forms--l1224131323122
Enteritis (not Tuberculous)-----11431221---15
Gastritis, Gastrointestinal Catarrh------------11--2
Wasting Diseases-
Premature Birth16l118-----------18
Congenital Defects-------1--------1
Atrophy, Debility, Marasmus51219G34--11--1-25
Tuberculous Diseases—
Tuberculous Meningitis-----------1----1
Other Tuberculous Diseases----------1----1-2
Meningitis ('not Tuberculous-----------21--3
Suffocation, Overlaying-------1--------1
Other Causes52119221-14
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Births in the year, legitimate 900, illegitimate 25. Deaths from all Causes at all ages 379
Population, estimated to middle of 1905, 28,000

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