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Hammersmith 1924

Annual report of the Medical Officer of Health of the Borough of Hammersmith for the year 1924

Howell, J. B.

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    Notification Received from
    Midwifes.Doctors.Lying in Hospitals.Poor Law Institutions.Parents.M.O.H.'s.
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    TABLE III. Infantile Mortality during the year 1924. Nett Deaths from stated causes at various ages under 1 year of age.
    CAUSE OF DEATH.Under I Week.1-2 Weeks.2-3 Weeks.3-4 Weeks.Total under 4 Weeks.4 Weeks and under 3 months.3 months and under 6 months.6 months and under 9 months.9 months and under 12 months.Total Deaths under 1 Year.
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    TABLE I. Yital Statistics of Whole District during 1924 and Previous Years.
    Year.Population estimated to middle of each year.Births.Total Deaths Registered in the District.Transferable Deaths.Nett Deaths belonging to the District.
    Uncorrected. Number.Nett.of Non-residents registered in the District.of Residents not registered in the District.Under 1 Year of Age.At all Ages.
    Number.Rate.Number.Rate.Number.Rate per 1,000 Nett Births.Number.Rate.
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    TABLE II. Causes of, and ages at, Death during the Year 1924. METROPOLITAN BOROUGH OF HAMMERSMITH.
    Causks of death.Nett Deaths at the subjoined ages of "Residents" whether occurring within or without the district.Total Deaths whether of "Residents" or "Non-Residents" in Institutions in the District.
    All nge3.Under 1 year.1 and under 2.2 and under 5.5 and under 15.15 and under 25.25 and under 45.45 and under 65.65 and upwards.Wards.
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    This rate is calculated on the estimated population of each Ward.
    Ward.Estimated Population.No. of Deaths.Death Rate.
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    Cities and Boroughs.Estimated population to the middle of 1921.Births. Annual rate per 1,000 persons living.Zymotic Deaths. Annual rate per 1,000 persons living.Death- rate per 1,000 living.Deaths of Infants under one year to 1,000 births.
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    Notices.—The following table shows the number of visits paid by the Inspectors and the Preliminary Notices served and complied with during the year:—
    Number of Inspections.Number of Notices Served.Number of Notices com plied with.
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    Situation of PremisesNature of OffenceNo. of SummonsesResult of Proceedings
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    Situation of PremisesNature of OffenceNo. of SummonsesResult of Proceedings
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    Situation of PremisesNature of OffenceNo. of SummonsesResult of Proceedings
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    The following is a list of the Factories and Workshops upon the Register:—
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    PremisesNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesProsecutions
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    ParticularsNumber of Defects
    FoundRemediedReferred to H.M. InspectorNumber of Prosecutions
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    3.—HOME WORK.
    Nature of WorkOutworkers' List, Section 107Outwork in Unwholesome premises, Sec. 108Outwork in Infected Premises Sees. 109,110
    Lists received from EmployersNotices served on OccupiersProsecutions
    Twice in the yearOnce in the yearFailing to k«ep or permit inspection of ListsFailing to send ListsInstancesNotices servedProsecutionsInstancesOrders made (Sec. 110)Prosecutions (Sec. 109. 110)
    ListsOutworkersListsOutworkersas to keeping or sending lists
    Contrac torsWorkmenContrac torsWorkmen
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    Workshops on the Register (S.131) at the end of the yearNumber
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    1. Milk and Cream not Sold as Preserved Cream.
    a. Number of samples examined for the presence of a preservative.b. Number in which a preservative was reported to be present.
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    2. Cream Sold as Preserved Cream. (a) Instances in which samples have been submitted for analysis to ascertain if the statements on the label as to preservatives were correct:—
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    TABLE I.
    Samples received.Genuine.Inferior.Adulterated.Total.
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    Article.No. of samples exam'd.Result of Examination.
    Summonses issued.Penalties imposed.Genuine.Inferior.Adulterat ed
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    No.Adulteration Certified.Penalties Imposed.
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    Samples received.Fat.Non-fatty Solids.Water.
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    TABLE V.
    Sample No.Article.Offence.Where heard and date.Result.
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    The following is a list of the licensed slaughterhouses in the Borough:—
    Premises.Name of Licensee.
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    PREMISES.NUMBER OF PREMISES.Number of in-pecions 1921Number of notices 1924Number of prosecutions 1924
    On register at end of 1923Added in 1924Hemovedin 1921On register atend of 1924
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    The following is a list of bakehouses in the Borough:— No. 1 DISTRICT.
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    No. 4 DISTRICT.
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    The following is a list of unsound food condemned during the year:—
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    TABLE IV Cases of Infectious Disease notified during the year 1924.
    Notifiable DiseaseNumber of cases NotifiedTotal cases notified in each locality (e.g. Parish or Ward of the District)Total Cases Removed to Hospital
    At all AgesAt Ages—Years
    Under 11 & under 5 Years5 & under 15 Years15 & under 25 Years25 & under 15 Years45 & under 65 Years65 and upwardsNorthCentreSouth
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    Year.Smallpox.Measles.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria and Membranous Croup.Whooping Cough.Enteric Fever.Diarrhoea and Cholera.Total.
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    TABULAR STATEMENT—ZYMOTIC DISEASES. The following table shows the number of cases that were reported as due to the undermentioned diseases during the years 1915 to 1924.
    Year.Smallpox.Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria or Diphtheritic Croop.Typhus Fever.Enteric Fever.Simple Continued Fever.Relapsing Fever.Puerperal Fever.Cholera.Erysipelas.Plague.Chickenpox. aMeasles. b aWhooping Cough, aCerebro-Spinal Fever.Anthrax.Glanders.Hydrophobia.Ophthalmia Neonatorum.Acute Polio-Myelitis.Encephalitis Lcthargica.Pneumonia. cMalaria. cDysentery. cTrench Fever. eTotal.
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    The following table shows the number of notifications received during the year:—
    Age Periods.Notifications on Form "A"Notifications on Form " B "Number of Notifications on Form "C"
    Number of Primary Notifications.Total Notifications on Form "A"No.of Primary NotificationsTotal Notifications on Form '* B "Poor Law InstitutionsSanatoria
    0 to 11 to 55 to 1010 to 1515 to 2020 to 2525 to 3535 to 4545 to 5555 to 6565 and upwardsTotal Prim. Not.Under 56 to 1010 to 15Total Prim. Not.
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    I append figures for the years 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923 and 1924, showing the interval between notification and death of tuberculous persons.
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    During the year sessions have been held regularly at the Dispensary for the examination and treatment of patients at the following times :—
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    The parts of the body which were affected in each case are shown in the following table:— DEATHS FROM CANCER, 1924.
    Parts affected.Sex.Total.
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    The visits paid are enumerated in detail below :—
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    The feeding of the 2,078 infants visited was found to be as follows :—
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    The following table gives the number of births and deaths of infants and the rate per 1,000 births during the past 19 years, the year of the appointment of the first Health Visitor :—
    Year.Births.Deaths of Infants.Deaths of Infants per 1000 births.
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    " PARKSIDE " MATERNITY HOME. Period ending 31st December, 1924.
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    During the year the cases dealt with were as follows :-
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    Statistics showing the incidence of all infectious diseases during the year are included in the general report, but in so far as they relate particularly to diseases of parturient women and children under five years of age, are tabulated below:—
    Disease.No. of Cases Notified.Previous Year.No. of Cases Visited.No. of Cases Nursed.No. of Cases Removed Hospital.
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    Ophthalmia Neonutorum.—The number of cases reported was 16, against 28 in the previous year. The analysis of the final reports received is as follows:—
    Cases.Vision unimpaired.Vision Impaired.Total Blindness.Deaths.
    At Home.In Hospital.
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    The following bacteriological examinations were made on behalf of the Council:—
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    Disinfection.—The following table shows the amount of disinfection carried out by your Council during the year; all bedding and articles of clothing, &c., being removed to the Council's Disinfecting Station, for the purpose of disinfection.
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    Newly Erected Houses. Certificates granted with regard to water supply under Section 48 (Sub-sec. 2) of the Public Health (London) Act, 1891.
    Year.L.C.G. Estate.H.B.C. Estate.Private Houses.
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    Statistics.—Year ended 31st December, 1924. I.—General.
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    2.-Unfit Dwelling-houses
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