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Malden and Coombe 1914

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Malden and Coombe]


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    Rates for the year ending March 31st, 1915.
    Wards.General District Rates.Poor Rate.Total.
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    The deaths in each Ward and Public Institutions were as follows:—
    District.Tol worth Isolation Hospital.Workh'se Infirmary KingstonBrook-wood Asylum.London HospitalsOther HospitalsOther Districts.Total.
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    Among the causes of death were the following diseases :—
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    All deaths were certified by the Medical Attendant or H.M. Coroner.
    Births.Infantile Mortality per 1,000 Births Registered.Corrected Death Rate at all ages.
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    The verdicts returned were as follows:—
    District.Disease.Verdict of Juries.Total.
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    District.Acres.Estimated PopulationEstimated Houses Occupied.Births.Deaths.Birth Rate.Corrected Death Rate.
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    The Kingston Guardians (Poor Law Administration) Buildings at Norbiton Common Farm and the Scattered Homes for Children, Kingston Road, contain inmates and officials as follows:—
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    Two hundred and ninety-one cases have been notified, distributed in the three districts as follows:—
    Old Maiden.New Maiden.Coombe.Total.
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    Cases Treated at Tolworth Isolation Hospital.
    Old Maiden.New Maiden.Coombe.Total.
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    The monthly distribution is as follows:—
    MeaslesErysipelasDiphtheriaScarlet FeverTy-phoid FeverPuerperal FeverTuber-culosis (all forms)Ophthalmia NeonatorumTotal.
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    Cases of Infectious Diseases notified during the last ten years, recording cases in each district, with number of deaths :
    Year.Number notified in each Year.Number of Deaths.Cases treated at Tolworth Isolation Hospital.Cases treated at Home.PopulationYear
    DiphtheriaScarlet FeverTyphoid FeverMeaslesErysipelasPuerperal FeverTuberculosis (all forms)Ac'te PoliomyelitisOphthalmia Neonato umTotalDiphtheriaScarlet FeverTyphoid FeverMeaslesErysipelasPuerperal FeverAc'te PoliomyelitisTuberculosis (all forms)TotalDiphtheriaScarlet FeverTyphoid FeverTotalDiphtheriaScarlet FeverTyphoid FeverTotal
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    Table showing- the Streets in which the Infectious Diseases Notified occurred, during the year 1914. The Figures in light type are those for the year 1913, and will be found useful for comparative purposes.
    Street or District.Cases Notified.Totals.Deaths.Cases Resulting Fatally.
    Scarlet Fever.Diphtheria.Enteric Fever (Typhoid).Erysipelas.Puerperal Fever.Measles.Tuberculosis (all forms).Acute Poliomyelitis.Ophthalmia Neonatorum.Measles.Diphtheria.Tuberculosis (all forms).Acute Poliomyelitis.
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    PUBLIC HEALTH (TUBERCULOSIS) REGULATIONS, 1912. Public Health (Tuberculosis in Hospitals) Regulations, 1911, Public Health (Poor Law) Regulations, 1911. Tabulated Statement showing particulars of Cases notified during 1914, and action taken.
    No.Sex.AgeResiding in District at end of 1914Did the Patient go to any Public InstitutionWas Patient able to continue employmentVisits undertaken by Sanitary Dept.Other action by Sanitary Dept.Result at end of 1914
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    Table I.—Vital Statistics of Whole District during- 1914 and Previous Years.
    YearPopulation estimated to Middle of each YearBirthsTotal Deaths Registered in the DistrictTransferable DeathsNett Deaths belonging to the District
    Uncorrected NumberNettof Nonresidents registered in the Districtof Residents not registered in the DistrictUnder 1 Year of AgeAt all Ages
    NumberRateNumberRateNumberRate per 1,000 Nett BirthsNumberRate
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    Table II.—Cases of Infectious Disease notified during" the year 1914, in the Maidens and Coombe Urban District.
    Notifiable DiseaseNumber of Cases NotifiedTotal Cases Notified in each Locality {e.g. Parish or Ward) of the DistrictTotal Cases Removed to Hospital
    At all AgesAt Ages—Years
    Under 11 to 55 to 1515 to 3525 to 4545 to 6565 and upwardsNew MaidenOld MaidenCoombe
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    Table III.— Causes of, and Ages at Death during the Year 1914.
    Causes of Death All Certified.Nett Deaths at the subjoined ages of "Residents " whether occurring within or without the district
    All AgesUnder 1 year1 and under 2 years2 and under 5 years5 and under 15 years15 and under 25 years25 and under 45 years45 and under 65 years65 and upwards
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    Table IV.— Infantile Mortality during the year 1914. Nett Deaths from stated causes at various Ages under 1 Year of Age.
    Causes of Death All Certified.Under 1 Week1-2 Weeks2-3 Weeks3-4 WeeksTotal under 4 Weeks4 Weeks and under 3 Months3-6 Months6-9 Months9-12 MonthsTotal Deaths under 1 Year
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    Infectious Diseases occurring: in Schools. The number of cases occurring in children attending the Public Schools during the year were:—
    Schools.Scarlet FeverMeaslesDiphtheriaTyphoid FeverTotal
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    The following is a classification, of the total number of cases of disease occurring in the district during the year:—
    Public SchoolsPrivate SchoolsNot attending SchoolsTotalsRemarks
    5 Years and underAdults and others
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    FACTORIES, WORKSHOPS, WORKPLACES AND HOMEWORK. 1. —Inspection. Including Inspections made by Sanitary Inspectors or Inspectors of Nuisancis.
    PremisesNumber of
    InspectionsWritten NoticesProsecutions
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    2.—Defects Found.
    ParticularsNumber of DefectsNumber of Prosecutions
    FoundRemediedReferred to h.m. Inspector
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    Nature of WorkOutworkers' Lists, Section 107.Number of Inspections of Outworkers' premisesOutwork in Unwholesome Premises, Sec. 108
    Lists received from EmployersNotices served on Occupiers as to keeping or sending listsProsecutionsInstancesNotices servedProsecutions
    Sending twice in the yearSending once in the yearFailing to keep or permit inspection of listsFailing to send lists
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    4.—Registered Workshops.
    Workshops on the Register (s. 131) at the end of the yearNumber
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    5.—Other Matters.
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    Amounts. —The general rules for an average child in good health are as follows:—
    Age of ChildFor whole 24 hoursFor each MealTime of Meals
    MilkBoiled WaterMilk and Water mixed
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    Urban District of the Maldens and Coombe.
    ArticlesAnalysedAdulterated or DeterioratedProsecutionsConvictions
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    Table showing Rainfall in the District during the Year 1914, taken at the Sewage Works, Kingston Road, New Malden.
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    The following is a tabulated summary of the inspections made and nuisances discovered during the year ending December 31st, 1914.
    nature of cases dealt with.NO.
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    The following "Offensive Trades" are registered in the district:—
    Trade.Situation of Premises.Name of Proprietor.
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    The following is a table of the premises and inspections made:—
    Nature of Premises.No. of Inspections.
  • Page 62
    Public Health Act, 1875, and Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890.
    Description.Weights in lbs.
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    Workshops on Register and Trades carried on therein.
    Trade.No. of Workshops.
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    The following is a tabulated summary of all the various matters requiring attention and notices served:—
    Matters requiring Attention.Factories.Work, shops.Work-places.Home-workersBakehouses.Laundries.Total.
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    The following works have been requested to be carried out with respect to premises used by registered persons:—