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Battersea 1960

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Battersea Borough]


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  • Page 9
    The number of Battersea still-births registered and the still-birth rate from 1951 to 1960 were as under: —
  • Page 11
    The following table is compiled from figures supplied by the Registrar-General:-
    Causes of DeathSexAll Ages0—1—5—15—25—45—65—75—
  • Page 12
    Causes of Death, 1960—(contd.).
    Causes of DeathSexAll Ages0—1—5—15—25—45—65—75-*
  • Page 13
    The following gives the comparative average death rates from cancer in Battersea for quinquennial periods since 1901.
  • Page 14
    The following table sets out the causes of death in detail. Infant Mortality, 1960. Nett deaths from stated causes at various ages under 1 year.
    Under 24 hours1-7 days WeeksTotal under 4 weeksMonthsTotal deaths under 1 yearPercentage of Total
    M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F. M.F.
  • Page 14
    Table showing Deaths of Infants under 1 day, under 1 week and under 4 weeks from 1955 to 1960.
    YearUnder 24 hours1 to 7 days1 to 4 weeksTotal under 4 weeksPercentage deaths under 4 weeks of totalinfant deaths
  • Page 15
    Coparative Statistics of Births, Motality, etc. (Compiled from Registrar-General's Returns.)
    YearPopulationLive Birth Rate (Crude)Death Rate (Crude)Maternal Death RateInfant Mortality Rate
  • Page 17
    Analysis of (after Correction of Diagnosis) of Infectious Disease Notified during the Year 1960.
    Notifiable DiseaseCases Notified in Battersea, in Age Groups
    Total0—1—2—3—4—5—10-15—25—45—65 & over
  • Page 18
    The death rates per 100,000 of the population during the 55 yearsended 1955 in quinquennial averages, and the years 1956 to 1960, aregiven in the following table:—
  • Page 20
    New cases of Tuberculosis coining to the knowledge of the Medical Officer of Health otherwise than by formal notification.
    Source of informationNumber of cases in age groups
  • Page 28
    By the Battersea Borough Council: —Dwellings
  • Page 29
    Certificates of Disrepair. Rent Act, 1957.
  • Page 31
    Prescribed Particulars on the Administration of the Factories Act, 1937—Part I.
    PremisesNumber on RegisterNumber of
    InspectionsWritten noticesOccupiers prosecuted
  • Page 32
    2.—CASES in which DEFECTS were found.
    ParticularsNumber of cases in which defects were foundNumber of cases in which prosecutions were itj" stituted
    FoundRemediedTo h.m. InspectorBy h.m. Inspector
  • Page 32
    The following table shows the factories in the Borough, classified according to the trades carried on.
    TradeMechanical FactoriesNon-Mechanical Factories
    At 1 Jan.At 31 Dec.At 1 Jan.At 31
  • Page 33
    ofthef°"owinS table gives the prescribed particulars, under Part VIII the Act, relating to outworkers.
    Nature of WorkSection 110Section 111
    No. of out-workers in August list required by Sect. 110 (1) (c)No. of cases of default in sending lists to the CouncilNo. of prosecutions for failure to supply listsNo. of instances of work in unwholesome premisesNotices servedProsecutions
  • Page 33
    The following table gives details of the outworkers' premises:—
    Number on Register
    TradePremisesWorkroomsPersons employed
  • Page 38
    FOOD PREMISES. As at 31st December, 1960.
  • Page 39
    The number of licences issued under the previous Regulations during 1960 was as follows —
  • Page 40
    FOOD PREMISES. Summary of Operations.
    Inspections—Work carried out—
  • Page 41
    The milk fat content of the 27 samples of "Channel Islands" or "South Devon" milk ranged as under:—
  • Page 42
    All the 73 samples of ordinary milk were reported as genuine and the average composition was as follows:—
  • Page 42
    Their content of milk fat ranged as follows:—
  • Page 42
    In the years 1955 to 1960 the percentage of adulterated samples of milk was as under:—
    YearSamples takenAdulterated
  • Page 43
    The following tables give details of the articles of food of which samples were obtained for the purpose of analysis.
    Nature of SampleFormalInformalTotalFormalInformalTotal
  • Page 44
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    Drugs. The following table gives details of the drugs of which sampleswere obtained for the purpose of analysis : —
    Nature of SampleFormalInformalTotalFormalInformalTotal
  • Page 45
    Heat Treated Milk. Samples of pasteurised and sterilised milk are taken at regular intervals for submission to the Public Health Laboratory Service for the prescribed tests, and during the year samples as under were taken with the results set out:—
    PhosphataseMethylene Blue
  • Page 45
    The samples were, as a result of the test, placed in the following grades:-
  • Page 46
    The following table gives particulars of the unsound food which, under the provisions of the Public Health (London) Act, 1936, Section 180 (8), were voluntarily surrendered to the Council.
  • Page 46
    FOOD POISONING. Four cases of food poisoning were notified during the year, and the causative organisms were found to be salmonella of the following types:—
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    Miscellaneous Matters.
  • Page 49
    During the year 1960 this arrangement was taken advantage of the respective Baths Establishments as follows:—
  • Page 49
    YearAge group (years)M.F.Total
    Under 1123 and 45-1920-5960-6970-7980 plus
  • Page 50
    Table II
    Cause of Accident19561957195819591960
  • Page 53
    The following table shows the number of treatments at the Personal Cleansing Station and the expenditure incurred since 1950:—
    YearAdultsChildren*Expenditure*Amount Contributed
    Verminous and ScabiesVerminous and Scabies££
  • Page 55
    Details as to the number of inquests held at the Coroner's Court, and bodies received into the Mortuary, during 1960, are set out in following table : —
    Details of Bodies ReceivedUsual Place of ResidenceTotal
    Batter- seaWandsworthElsewhereResidence unknown