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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]


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    SEWERAGE, HOUSE DRAINAGE WORKS, &c. The New Sewers constructed during the year, to 25th March, 1864, are—
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    Sewers which have been ordered by the Vestry at Norwood, and in other places; the following of which have been contracted for:—
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    TABLE I PARISH OF ST. MARY, LAMBETH. Return , showing the number and nature of Nuisances complained of, and the .steps taken to remove or abate the same, with the results, from March 25th, 1863, to March 25th, 1864.
    Number of Cases of Nuisance.Houses in an unwholesome state. Now Cleansed.Houses with defective drainage. Now Drained.Cesspools Emptied.Dust-bins Emptied.Dung, Garbage, &c. Removed.REMARKS.
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    TABLE II. R eturn , showing the total number of Births and Deaths Registered as occurring in the year 1863.
    DISTRICTS.1st Quarter.2nd Quarter.3rd Quarter.4th Quarter, 14 Wks.The Year, 53 Weeks.
    Births.Deaths.Dths. in Workh.Births.Deaths.Dths. in Workh.Births.Deaths.Dths. in Workh.Births.Deaths.Dths. in Workh.Births.Deaths.Dths. in Workh.
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    TABLE III. Showing the different periods of life in which the deaths took place during the year 1863.
    DISTRICTS.Under 6 years.5 years, and under 20 years.90 years, and under 40 years.40 years, and under 60 years.60 years, and under 80years.80 years, and upwards.
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    TABLE IV. Gives the Population of London, the South Districts of London, the Parish of Lambeth, and each of its eight Sub-divisions, in 1861, with the estimated increase in 1863; also the death-rate of each of the Districts and Divisions for the year 1863.
    DISTRICTS.Population in 1861.Increase per cent per ann.Estimated Population in 1863.Deaths in 1863. (53 Weeks.)Mortality per 10,000—53 weeksPersons living to one death.
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    TABLE V. Shows the Deaths from Epidemic Diseases in the whole Parish, and in each of its Sub-districts.
    Total deaths from all causes.DISTRICTS.Small Pox.Measles.Scar1atina.Diptheria.Whooping CoughTyphus.Diarrhœa.Total.
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    TABLE VI. Number of Cases of successful Vaccination performed by the District Vaccinators of Lambeth in each Quarter of the Year, ending 23th December, 1863.
    No. of District.Name of Medical Officer.Quarter ending LadydayQuarter ending Mdsmr.Quarter ending Mchms.Quarter ending Chrsms.Total.
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    TABLE VII. Number of Cases of Small Pox treated by the Poor Law Medical Offcers of Lambeth during each Quarter of the Year 1863. Total number of Removals into the Small Pox Hospital, and to the Small I ox Wards of the Workhouse, and Deaths in Hospital and Workhouse.
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    GENERAL PURPOSES ACCOUNT. In respect of the Year ending 25th March, 1863
    1863. March 25th£s.d.1863. March 25th. £s.d.
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    GENERAL PURPOSES ACCOUNT (Continued). In respect of the Year ending 25 th March , 1861.
    Cash Account.Moneys owing to the Vestry.Cash AccountDebts and Liabilities.
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    Cash Account.Money owing to the Vestry.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities.
    Brought forward16,01215812,10000Brought forward22,7341855,71416
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    SEWERS ACCOUNT In respect of the Year ending 25 th March, 1863.
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    LIGHTING ACCOUNT. In respect of the Year during 25th March, 1863.
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    GENERAL SUMMARY Of the Expenditure by the Vestry for the Year ended 25th March, 1864, including liabilities to that date.