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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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In respect of the Year ending 25 th March,1863.

1863. March 25th.
To balance of Account, audited to this date3,86313By Surveyor, one quarter's Salary5000
„ Cash of Overseers for Main Drainage Precept7,962100,, Metropolitan Board, Main Drainage Precept796200
Cash of ditto for Metropolitan Board Precept7,71675„ „ General Precept8,91675
„ Mayo & Son, for Sewers Work1,11743
„ Sundries25160
In respect of the Year ending 25th March, 1864.
Cash Account.Money owing to the Vestry.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities
To balance brought down1,470110By Loans and Interest1,27961
„ Special Contributions for Works by various persons1,118100„ Mayo & Son, for Sewer Works2,64410891692
,, Surveyor, three quarters' Salary150005000
„ Cash of Overseers on Precept2,66500,, Chaise hire, and Committee expenses2763
„ Various Persons for House Drainage67696
„ Stationery1200
„ Overseers, on account of Main Drainage Precept3,00000„ Sundry Small Accounts4024
,, Wages693130
,, London and Westminster Bank Interest on deposit281533,00000„ Balance4,12615516063
,, Metropolitan Board, on account of Precept3,00000
„ Sundries1480
„ Treasurer's balance in hand4,126155„ New Works Account3,00000
Special Liabilities
To balance of Mortgages, repayable with £5 per cent Interest, by Yearly Instalments of £5 per cent£14,69000
To balance of Account, Audited to the 25th of March, 186353997By Mayo & Son Sewers Works449186
„ London and Westminster Bank deposit3,00000
Cash on Mortgage for New Sewers Works4,40000Sundries47175
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Assistant Clerk and Accountant to the Vestry.

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