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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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formed, made-up, and faced with flints; the cost being paid
by Mr. Churchyard.
Myatt Street, Bishop's Road, Russell Street,
Langton Road, Frederick Crescent, all on the Freehold
Land Society's Estate, Camberwell New Road.—
The whole of these roads have been formed and made; the
footways kerbed and paved; and the cost of the work
charged upon the owners, under the provisions of the
Amended Act.
Clapham Road, from Paradise Road and Chapel Street,
to the Parish boundary, has been paved on both sides.
Repairs and Improvements, of various extent, have
been made in Cornwall Road, Windmill Street, Gipscy Hill,
Loughborough Road, College Street, Belvedere Road, York
Road, Cross Street, Ann Street, Agnes Street, Frances
Street, Duke Street, Vine Street, Waterloo Road, John
Street, Broad Street, Catherine Street, Palace New Road,
Stock well Green, William Street, China Walk, Devonshire
Place, Love Lane, &c.
The amount paid into the office as Contributions to the
cost of various works during the year, was £1,209 15s. 5d. ;
and by Gas and Water Companies, for repairs to roads,
£134 13s. 6d.


Shows the Deaths from Epidemic Diseases in the whole Parish, and in each of its Sub-districts.

Total deaths from all causes.DISTRICTS.Small Pox.Measles.Scar1atina.Diptheria.Whooping CoughTyphus.Diarrhœa.Total.
366Waterloo Road,—1st part7712...34221 193
437Waterloo Road,—2nd part1412193271823116
458Lambeth Church,—1st part91118...282223113
967Lambeth Church,—2nd part1019436234741195
629Kensington,—1st part1021439222824152
413Kennington,—2nd part2172958142398
1,042„ 1st quarter of year835358704117214
839,, 2nd quarter ,,2319418463612185
911,, 3rd quarter „2485992133120274
1,036„ 4th quarter „835729265422226
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