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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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The total number of Public Lamps lighted by the
Vestry, at the present time, are 2,292. The cost of lighting,
including the removals of lamps, new columns, and
sundries, for the year ending the 25th March, 1864, amounted
to £10,369 14s. 7d. This shows an increase of lamps to the
number of 29, although the cost is reduced by £32 6s. 1d.;
which is owing to a reduction in the price of gas supplied by
the South Metropolitan Gas Company.
In the past year, 62 memorials and applications were
received, for improved lighting in various parts of the Parish;
56 of these were acceded to, by the erection of new lamps
or removals, and 6 were refused.
There have been 32 new lamps erected, 3 lamps have
been discontinued, and 24 others have been removed, to more
desirable positions.
The Photometer—which has been fitted-up in the Vestry
Offices, during the past year—has proved of great service to
the Chemical Examiner in his experiments on the illuminating
power, the purity, and the pressure of gas supplied
to the Parish; these experiments have been carried on with
great regularity, and a monthly report has been made, which
has shown very satisfactory results.


Number of Cases of successful Vaccination performed by the District Vaccinators of Lambeth in each Quarter of the Year, ending 23th December, 1863.

No. of District.Name of Medical Officer.Quarter ending LadydayQuarter ending Mdsmr.Quarter ending Mchms.Quarter ending Chrsms.Total.
No. 1Mr. Dodd82352141121696
„ 2„ Miskin17610002131011490
„ 3Dr. Smyth12689916782774
„ 4Mr. Monday37178147• ••862
No8.5&C„ Arthur20310464472051901
No. 7„ Christie953015954509
„ 8Dr. Ladd423139871524
„ 9„ Osborne12643716129
„ 10Mr. Walsh185216995
„ 11Dr. Sharpe9454018112
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Number of Cases of Small Pox treated by the Poor Law Medical Offcers of Lambeth during each Quarter of the Year 1863. Total number of Removals into the Small Pox Hospital, and to the Small I ox Wards of the Workhouse, and Deaths in Hospital and Workhouse.

Case of Small Pox under tho care of tho Poor Law Medical Officers.
First Quarter of the Year52
Second Quarter of the Year1 71
third Quarter of the Year69
Fourth Quarter of the Year71
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