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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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In respect of the Year during 25th March, 1863.

To balance of Account, Audited to this date2,68470By Gas Companies, for one quarter's supply of Gas to Street Lamps2,611192
„ Cash of Archbishop of Canterbury, half year's Lighting to this date3900
„ Balance111710
In respect of the Year ending March 25th, 1864.
Cash Account.Money owing to the Vestry.Cash Account.Debts and Liabilities.
To balance brought down111710By Phœnix Gas Company3798221271194
,, Cash of Overseers, amount of Precept10,60000,, London202915666900
,, South Metropolitan do176817856280
„ Sundries197182„ Crystal Palace do16515181134
To Treasurer's balance, in his hands3,013710By Chaise hire, and Committee Expenses2236900
„ Gas Testing Apparatus11143
,, Balance3,01371041972
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