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Lambeth 1863

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Lambeth]

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GENERAL PURPOSES ACCOUNT (Continued). In respect of the Year ending25th March, 1861.

Cash Account.Moneys owing to the Vestry.Cash AccountDebts and Liabilities.
To Cash of Gas and Water Company, for restoring Roads13413640000By balance brought forward36362
„ Granite, Flint, and Paving'8,930502,885111
„ Special Contributions for Repairing of Roads1,115150„ Gravel and Pot Core2,2717076406
„ Cleansing and Watering3,8954111,34578
„ J. Rhodes, Esq., balance of Pedlar's Acre Estate46272„ Teams and Cartage7615673189
„ Smiths' Work, Pumps, and Brooms2535299102
„ Overseers14,3000011,70000
„ Sundry Small Accounts, and Incidentals15151120112
„ Repayment of Loans and Interest1,560610
„ Officers' Salaries9750032500
„ Rent of Depots20408120
„ Printing and Stationery1504925143
„ Chaise Hire, and Committee Expenses34123
„ Royal Society for Protection of Life from Fire2000
„ Removal of Dust (Contracts)4865013650
„ Compensation Annuities8532
„ Advertisements and Contracts131621001
„ Repairs and Alterations of the Hall249176
„ Labourers' Wages3,217191
Carried forward£16,012 ]158£12,10000Carried forward£22,734185£5,71416
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We, the Auditors duly elected for the Parish of Lambeth, in the County of Surrey, have examined and Audited the foregoing Accounts of the Vestry for
the said Parish, from the 25th day of March, 1863, to the 23th day of March, 1864, and the items therein comprised, and we nowsign the same in
assent of our allowance thereof; and we have appended to each of such Accounts a Summary Statement of the monies owing to, and the debts and
liabilities by such Vestry.
And we, the Auditors, express our pleasure and satisfaction at the efficient manner in which the Accounts of the Vestry have been kept and laid before us;
and we were much pleased at the assistance rendered by Mr. Warren, the late Clerk, during the Audit.

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