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Leyton 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]


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    Table I.—B irths for the last 5 years.
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    Table II.—D eaths for the last 5 years.
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    T able III.— D istribution of D eaths.
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    T able IV.—D eath R ate for each Q uarter.
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    Table V . — Deaths Classified with regard to S ex.
  • Page 6
    T able VI.- Ag es at which D eath occurred.
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    T able VII.—D eath R ate per cent. of total D eaths.
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    Table VIII.—Chief causes of Death.
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    Table IX.—Number of Deaths and Death Rate per 1,000 of population from certain causes.
    Phthisis.Pneumonia and Bronchitis.Heart Disease.Violence.Premature Birth.
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    T able X.—N umber of C ases notified.
    Jan.Feb.Mar,April.May.June.July.Aug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.TotalOccurring in Public Institutions.Corrected Total.
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    Table XI.
    Small fox.Scarlet FeverDiphtheriaMembr. Croup.Typhus Fever.Typhoid Fever. CSimple Fever.Puerperal Fever.ErysipelasTotal.Mortality.Percentage Mortality.
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    Table XII.—D Deaths per cent, of Cases notified.
    Number of Cases notified.Number of Deaths.Percentage Mortality.
    Exclusive of Public Institutions.Exclusive of Public Institutions.Exclusive of Public Institutions.
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    Table XIII.—Deaths from the Seven Chief Zymotic Diseases for the last Five Years, together with the Zymotic Death Rate and Rate of Mortality from all other Diseases.
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    The following are the details of the eight cases.
    No.Sex.Age.Residence.Vaccination.History.Removed to
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    The following table shews the returns during the four weeks ending June 15th.
    No. of cases.No. of houses infected.
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    The following are the chief causes:—