London's Pulse: Medical Officer of Health reports 1848-1972

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Leyton 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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T able III.— D istribution of D eaths.

St. Agnes' Orphanage2
Bethnal Green Schools3
Master Bakers' Almshouses10
Union Workhouse and Schools413
Forest House branch of Union3
District, exclusive of foregoing Institutions1101
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In the 1,532 deaths are included 55 which occurred in the Union
Workhouse, but strictly belong to the District.
Of the total 1,582, the deaths of people belonging to Public
Institutions amount to 431, leaving 1,101 occurring in the District
proper; deducting from this total the 21 deaths from violence, we get
1,080 as the corrected total for the District, or males, 538, females
542. By estimating the population, exclusive of Public Institutions, at
75,000, we get a death-rate of 14.4 per thousand, that of 1894 being
11.6 per thousand.
The average death-rate for the past five years is 14.4, so that this
year is an average year.
The average death-rate for the years 1886 to 1895 inclusive, is

T able IV.—D eath R ate for each Q uarter.

Leyton District17.814.515.313.4
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Table V . — Deaths Classified with regard to S ex.

Males49.8per cent of total deaths.
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T able VI.- Ag es at which D eath occurred.

Under 1 year346536
1 year and under 5 years190
5 years „ 15 „74544
15 „ „ 2529
25 „ „ 65 „241
65 „ and over200
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T able VII.—D eath R ate per cent. of total D eaths.

Under 1 year32.049.6
1 year and under 5 years17.6
5 years „ 65 „31.950.4
65 „ and over18.5
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