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Leyton 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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The following table shews the number of cases notified during the year :—

T able X.—N umber of C ases notified.

Jan.Feb.Mar,April.May.June.July.Aug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.TotalOccurring in Public Institutions.Corrected Total.
small pox------251---8— 2= 6
Scarlet Fever2931432730203738701269773621— 114= 507
Diphtheria28616184240495737642627410— 62= 348
Membranous Croup1134122354430-30
Typhus Fever-
Typhoid Fever9123632820197989— 15= 74
Simple Continued Fever2211351414
Relapsing Fever---------------
Puerperal Fever121-------266
Erysipelas17251198151311111211123— 28= 95
Total1301— 221= 1080
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In addition to the above are the following cases of Infectious Disease which occurred in Public Institutions—
with the mortality.

Table XI.

Small fox.Scarlet FeverDiphtheriaMembr. Croup.Typhus Fever.Typhoid Fever. CSimple Fever.Puerperal Fever.ErysipelasTotal.Mortality.Percentage Mortality.
Union Workhouse and Schools.275215261021010.0
Forest House Branch of Union2210.0
Bethnal Green Schools106310922.0
St. Agnes' Orphanage1781l2.5
Master Bakers' Almshouses
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The two deaths recorded in the Bethnal Green Schools occurred in a Hospital outside the District.

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