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Leyton 1895

[Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Leyton]

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There have been 61 cases admitted during the year, and one
death has occurred.
Number of beds. Cases treated. No. of deaths.
1890-1 6 24 0
1892 9 to 15 71 0
1893 15 72 2
1894 15 72 1
1895 16 61 1
300 4
There have been numerous applications for admission which have
had to be refused on account of the limited accommodation, and this
was especially the case in October, when the capabilities of the
hospital were quite inadequate to being of much use in arresting the
spread of infection.
The case of the man suffering from small-pox, referred to above,
who was admitted into our hospital, necessitated the closing of the
building, for the admission of fresh patients, from August 17th to
September 11th, during which time many urgent cases could not be
dealt with.
There has been an increase of 106 cases over the number uotified
last year.
Of the 63 deaths, 38 were under five years of age.
The number of cases commenced to increase about May, and the
majority occurred in the Cann Hall Ward.

The following table shews the returns during the four weeks ending June 15th.

No. of cases.No. of houses infected.
Cann Hall Ward3923
Leytonstone Ward32
Leyton Ward33
Harrow Green Ward32
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I visited the Cann Hall Board Schools with the Sanitary
Inspector, and tested the drains and found that the connections were
defective in one of the detached latrines. These defects were promptly
remedied, and the schools were thoroughly cleansed and disinfected.

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